Dream big with the new moon in Sagittarius

Imagery: Unsplash

Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee

Image Unsplash /   Makenna Entrikin

Image Unsplash / Makenna Entrikin


Today marks the final new moon of 2018. This new moon in Sagittarius asks us what areas of our life we want to expand, learn and explore next.


While new moons are traditionally associated with sparky, proactive goal-setting energy, this one is a little bit different. With a square to both Neptune and Mars in Pisces you may be feeling a little bit blah, confused or just not in the mood. Maybe you’re finding it hard to find the words to actually set intentions or perhaps you’re feeling unsure of what it is you really want.


Honour the energy by allowing yourself the space to dream, free-write, sing, dance, swim – do whatever helps you switch off and just let your mind wander. Start a Pinterest board of destinations you want to visit, just don’t try and decide today when you’re going to book. Today is a day for daydreams. Just go with it.


We created a playlist to capture the mood of tonight’s moon and get you in the mood to daydream. Here you’ll find a mix of sun drenched adventure and dreamy, escapism inspired by the joy of getting lost in faraway places. And yes, we couldn’t resist including pures shores!

Emma Vidgen