How to embrace Venus in Scorpio

Imagery: Unsplash

Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee

Image: Unsplash / Jairo Alzate

Image: Unsplash / Jairo Alzate


In the early hours of tomorrow AM (Monday 3 Dec 4.02am, AEST) Venus moves out of Libra and into Scorpio for the final time this year.

The past three months have been a season of reassessment and this final dance through Scorpio ­– the super sleuth of the zodiac – is like the season finale. Venus retrograde may be over (Oct 6 – Nov 17 AEST) but the shadow period stretches until 18 December (AEST).


Things have probably felt pretty bloody intense since she first entered her shadow on 3 September (AEST). Any part of your life that’s felt a little bit NQR (not quite right) has probably come to the fore.

Venus in Scorpio takes no prisoners. She wants to feel things deeply, to be desired, valued and to connect on an intense, soul level. If you’ve been unsure about a relationship, the internal voice of self-doubt may have become so loud you couldn’t ignore it anymore. If you’ve felt undervalued or uninspired about your job, you may have come to the realisation you need to move on. If people or friends have been triggering you in some way, you’ve may have reached the end of your tether and snapped.

Old hang-ups might have bubbled up and taken you by surprise, like “wow! Where did THAT come from!?”. Things you thought you had “gotten over” might have resurfaced, ready to be processed and dealt with one final time.


Whatever you’ve been sweeping under the rug has reached a point where you couldn’t ignore it. This energy really forces you to throw back the carpet to see what’s going on underneath and ask, “Is this what I really want? Am I ok with this? Does this situation/relationship make me feel valued? Where am I ready to let go to make way for new growth?”

Now this in this final episode, it’s a time for reflection and self-inquiry. This is big, potentially heart-wrenching stuff. Be gentle with yourself. Take a bath. Turn off your phone for a few hours. Do something to make yourself feel like a queen. This has not been easy work, so treat yourself. You’ve earned it.



To embrace the Venus in Scorpio vibes, we curated this playlist. There’s a mix of the different faces of Venus in Scorpio from the strong, defiant “this ends now” vibe, to the dark, intense “I can’t live without you” feels.


Combining music with astrology might just be our new favourite thing so please let us know if you’d like to see more.

Emma Vidgen