Your monthly astrological planner for October 2019


Words Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee

Imagery  STIL  //  Unsplash

Imagery STIL // Unsplash


If you like to plan the way I like to plan, you may have just found your new favourite scheduling tool. Below you’ll find a guide to October’s key astrological dates! I’ve picked out the most interesting days for cosmic weather to help you get a clearer picture of the month ahead so you can schedule (or avoid) certain moments. Let me know if you find this helpful! Wishing you a glorious October.

– Emma xx


The month at a glance…

Use these dates to plan your month

October 3 – The tone of communications shifts noticeably from diplomatic and harmonious to shrewd and maybe a little intense.

October 4 – You’ll feel like someone has taken their foot off the gas as the intense productivity caused by Mars in Virgo changes. The focus until the 20 November will be on how your actions make other people feel. Indecision or analysis paralysis may ensue until 20 November.

October 7 and 12 – expect the unexpected. News, advice or someone reaching out unexpectedly make take you by surprise.

October 9 – relationships, love and financial matters take on a more intense, possibly volatile quality until 2 November. Expect a heightened awareness around your own needs. If you feel they’re not being met, you may suddenly feel compelled to speak up. Remember everyone will be feeling this so those closest to you may also seem a little more intense than usual too.

October 13 – A juicy hit from Jupiter might lighten the mood and inspire you to get out and connect socially today.

October 14 – a full moon in Aries invites you to reflect on who you are at this very moment. Look to your closest relationships for clues on what’s important to you, and what old ideas about yourself you’re ready to release.

October 14 - 25 – new information or perspectives pertaining to larger ongoing issues could come to light, inspiring you to take a different approach or pursue a new course of action.

October 23 – Scorpio season officially begins providing some relief from the conflicted energy of the previous three weeks. Expect to feel more introspective and a little less preoccupied with what other people think.

October 27 – that indecision or lack of progress that may have been building this month reaches a peak today. You may feel like you’ve hit a brick wall or that you (or those around you) are holding back in some way preventing things from moving as quickly as you’d like.

October 28 – a new moon in Scorpio invites you to reflect on all the breakthroughs and revelations you’ve had over the past three weeks and set intentions based on what you’ve learned, especially around relationships. What new seeds do you want to plant to help heal the wound of the past?

October 30 – If you’ve been stewing over how your needs aren’t being met in some way, you may finally let loose. The stars align for emotionally-charged exchanges and deep conversation.

October 31 (Europe, US, 1 Nov Australia) – Mercury begins its final retrograde for 2019. The next three weeks will have a distinctly inward focus, don’t be surprised if you feel like retreating from the world altogether. Go with it, and allow yourself the time and space to ponder the craziness of 2019. It’s a great time for inner reflection, healing and spiritual work. Also, it’s always good to recharge and regroup before the carnage of the festive season.