This week comes with a trigger warning: the full moon in Capricorn


Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee


Feeling heavy, flat or introspective this week? Take solace in the fact you’re not the only one. The full moon partial eclipse in Capricorn will be drudging up plenty of old emotional baggage. Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling all the feels, in fact, I’d go so far as to say you definitely will be.


This eclipse on Wednesday 7.39am AEST (Tuesday in the US and Europe) is the second of the month, and signals a climax to the yin/yang polarity that has been Cancer season. Tensions that have been building, particularly since the third week in June, will come to a head. You can check out what area of your life they’re likely to manifest by checking your July horoscope.


The push/pull between masculine and feminine energy will be palpable. This could manifest literally in a blow-up with the opposite sex or something more subtle, where you feel torn between feeling and achieving, softness and structure. Tears are likely, but the silver lining is that it will bring a much needed release to whatever has been brewing. Capitalise on the opportunity to clear the air and let things go.


Adding to the intensity, this particular full moon is hanging out with a whole lot of other planetary energies connected to old habits, long-standing fears and emotional baggage (some of it going back many lifetimes). Chances are you will be triggered, but there’s no need to start fretting. It’s actually an amazing opportunity to try to stay present with what comes up and notice what fears, beliefs and habits arise. The issues that pop up aren’t random, they want to be looked at and resolved.


When your ego takes off down
well-trodden neural pathways
check yourself before
you wreck yourself


Whatever baggage is triggered this week will be pertinent and ripe for evaluation and release. If someone crosses you, try and take a moment to examine what’s behind your upset. Did they make you feel small or less-than? Do they have something you don’t feel deep down you’re not worthy of having/getting/achieving for yourself? Are you angry because they’re expressing a side of themselves you’re not comfortable with within yourself?


When your ego takes off down well-trodden neural pathways like, “Of course this would happen to me because I’m <insert insecurity here>” check yourself before you wreck yourself. When you feel the urge to start buying into old stories ask yourself whether what you’re telling yourself is actually legit. Is this some old outdated program your brain runs whenever you hit a setback? Is it true? Is it even relevant to who you are and what’s happening in your life now? Chances are, this idea or belief is like a pair of old trackies –amazingly comfortable and deliciously familiar but long overdue for an upgrade. So this week, why not treat yourself to a new pair?