How to work with the full moon in Aquarius


Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee

Image Ross Findon //  Unsplash

Image Ross Findon // Unsplash


One lesson I’ve been learning the hard way recently is that in order to make room for new things – whether that’s new opportunities, experiences, people or even just mundane material stuff – you have to make space. This idea of making room for new adventures is the perfect medicine for this week’s full moon in Aquarius (15 August 10.29 pm Sydney, 1.29pm London, 8:29am New York, 5:29am LA). You can fill your journal with manifestation lists and #lifegoals to your heart’s content, but if, in reality, you’re still clinging, white-knuckled and filled with fear, to what you already have you won’t get very far.


Aquarius is all about breaking new ground and striking out into new territory so ask yourself what areas of your life you’re keen to do things a bit differently. It’s an invitation to make space for new adventures by clearing out the old. But how do we do this I hear you ask?

Well, because we’re human, listing all the things we want is one of our strongest talents, so let’s start there. Begin by reflecting on what it is you want to call into your life, and then work backwards to reflect on what needs to happen a practical level in order to clear a new path. It might be that you want to transition to a new career, but in order to do that you need to wind back on your current job so you have more time to focus on your new path. I’m not suggesting you hand in your resignation this week, but take the time to think realistically about what you need to let go of to make space for where you want to be in future.


Aquarius is also a sign that needs to be with its people, so it’s a great time to think about the folks you choose to spend time with and how they’re supporting “future you”. There’s a saying, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future”. What’s your knee-jerk reaction to this phrase? If you find it triggering it might be worthy of further investigation. Do you need to expand your horizons or make more of an effort to see friends who make you feel expansive rather than bring you down in petty BS? Again this isn’t about dramatically cutting the cord but rather an invitation to be more discerning and considered with the choices you make.


Full moons always bring light and insight, and this one is destined to be even more illuminating than usual courtesy of Mercury (planet of communications and technology) leaving its shadow the same day. What does Mercury leaving its shadow mean exactly? Well, Mercury has been travelling backwards and forwards over the same patch of sky since late June (three weeks of which were the Mercury retrograde).

In practical terms that means you’ve been dealing with the same annoying delays/disruptions/ misunderstandings/drama over the past six-week period. While Mercury went direct at the start of the month, the same themes might have been playing out or coming to the fore for resolution since August kicked off. But as of Thursday, Mercury is charging forth into new territory, boosting the future-focus potential of this full moon. This week expect there to be a bit less emphasis on navel-gazing, emotions and the past and a bit more forward momentum. Where you want to go might all begin to feel a little bit more within reach this week so make the most of it and enjoy the freedom.


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