Standing out and stepping up: the end of Leo/Aquarius eclipse season


Imagery: Mathew Coyte // @mathewcoyte
Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee

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This full moon is extra special as it is the last in a series of Leo/Aquarius eclipses that kicked off in 2017. Leo is all about creativity, play, self-expression and being seen. Aquarius on the other hand is all about the collective, innovation, technology and finding your people.


Chances are you’ve been experienced some huge changes in the way you express your creativity over the past two years. Maybe you got really serious about a new creative outlet, or started learning something new. Maybe you quit your job because you couldn’t bear to work in a field that didn’t reflect your artistic ambitions. The way you project yourself out to the world has probably evolved quite a bit too. If you need convincing, have a look back through your social media to see how the way you portray yourself online has evolved over the past couple of years.


Feeling part of a group or collective has also been hugely important theme. On a macro level we’ve seen people uniting in record numbers to protest against inequality and violence. On a more smaller scale, you may have gone through a bit of a cosmic clean out, with friends drifting away, while new relationships have flourished.


In the spirit of Leo, I thought I’d share what this eclipse series has meant for me. Creatively it’s been a hugely expansive time, with The Wayward growing from a tiny seed of an idea to a fully-formed reality. Now as these eclipses wind up I’m about to launch a new content series that’s super personal. The scariest part is always the terror of putting myself front and centre (even using the photo above made me feel a bit sick!) but it’s a really good example of capitalising on Leo energy. I’ve also had a lot of dear friends move away and formed new connections in different communities, and come out as a tarot-slinging mystic, all totally Aquarian.


Eclipses bring heightened energy and often fast track change. They invite us to look at our shadow as well as the light, so take a moment today to reflect on what’s changed in your life. Some journalling prompts could be, “How has the way I express myself creatively changed? How has the way I put myself out there evolved? How have my sense of belonging to friendship groups and my broader community changed?” There’s no wrong or right answer, just pat yourself on the back for coming out the other side. You did good!


Here’s a little soundscape to capture the polarity of Leo/Aquarius energy. I know, it’s pretty eclectic, but they are opposite sides of the zodiac. (Also, I’m pretty sure it’s the first time Billy Bragg and Katy Perry have appeared on the same playlist).

Emma Vidgen