How to work with the new moon in Gemini


Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee

Image: The Gender Spectrum Collection // Broadly

Image: The Gender Spectrum Collection // Broadly


On 2 June we welcome a new moon in Gemini (3 June US and Europe). Gemini is all about words, communication and understanding, so reflecting on your inner language and the power it has is the perfect meditation for this weekend.

I’ve become acutely aware of this idea that our cells are “eavesdropping on our thoughts” since I’ve been pregnant. It’s been a great handbrake to realise every critical thing I think about myself could be having a ripple effect. But what’s really struck me – and made me kind of sad – is that it wasn’t until I had another person sharing my physical space that I stopped to consider just how harsh my day-to-day internal rhetoric really is.


“Every cell in your body is
eavesdropping on your thoughts.”


As women we become masters at self-criticism from an early age. But rarely do we stop and actually notice the quality of our thoughts. Imagine for a moment the impact what you say to yourself would have on another person.

This new moon is an invitation to do a little audit on the quality of your words and thoughts. What’s the tone of your internal dialogue? Are you constantly putting yourself down? Can you accept a compliment? Do you deflect praise without thinking?

Tonight I’m setting intentions to be a little bit kinder, or at least try to notice when that inner critic starts mouthing off; not just for my little passenger, but for my own sake too. And if it feels right, the energy is perfect for you to do the same. Happy new moon!


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Emma Vidgen