Why you need to take more baths in March


Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee

Imagery:   Christopher Campbell  // Unsplash

Imagery: Christopher Campbell // Unsplash


Feeling a little more sensitive than usual? You’re not imagining it; there’s a lot going on in the sky this week that could be making you feel a little fragile. The Sun, Mercury, Neptune and the moon too will be hanging out in Pisces (from March 5 - 7).


Any time there’s a lot of planets in one sign you can expect things to feel overwrought. On a good day, Pisces is one of the most creative, dreamy, compassionate signs of the zodiac. But on a bad day it can be hyper-sensitive, vague, and prone to self-pity.


So how do you make the most of the energy? Simple. Take a bath. Seriously, tonight may be the best night of the year to take a long, luxurious soak. Meditate, float, zone out, let your mind wander and just be. If you’re usually rigorous about getting out your journal and studiously writing out your intentions for the new lunar cycle, why not take a break. Just let yourself float and see where your mind takes you. It’s great energy to be struck by a lightning bolt of creative genius, but you can’t force it. This energy is all about just doing what feels good and leaving things open.


Going with the flow and being flexible, malleable and fluid is sage advice for the rest of the month. Mercury goes retrograde tomorrow (6 March) until the end of the month (29 March), bringing with it all the usual hi-jinx and miscommunication. Adding to the confusion, Mercury will be dancing with Neptune too which will can make things feel even more dazed and confused. Deadlines, structure and boundaries will fall by the way side. You may find you just can’t understand people, or they can’t understand you, like you’re speaking a different language or you’re trying to talk under water.


“Ask yourself if this moment,
this problem, this so-called “disaster” will matter to you in five years time…”


Neptune doesn’t trouble itself with anything as mundane as schedules or timelines so don’t be surprised when things go awry or projects are thrown into chaos. Keep in mind there are some things out of your control. What is in your control is how you react. Keep an open mind, be as flexible and relaxed as you can be. Remind yourself things will get done, they just mightn’t be done by the time you expected.


When you feel yourself getting frustrated, call on that potent Neptunian energy and ask yourself if this moment, this problem, this so-called “disaster” will matter to you in five years time? Stop, breathe, pause and disconnect. Try to see the bigger picture, even if things are feeling completely hazy.


On the upside this will be a great month for anything spiritual or creative. Pay attention to your dreams this month as all this other worldly energy is likely to supercharge your dream state. If you fancy deepening your meditation practice or delving deeper into your creative outlets, the energy will be on your side to help you feel inspired and in tune. And if you’re somewhere where the weather permits, go to the beach, get into the water or make time for plenty of salt baths. Water will be the soothing antidote you need to combat all the month’s frustrations.

Emma Vidgen