Your horoscope for
July 2019


Words: Emma Vidgen //@emma_vee

Image  Drew Tilk  //  Unsplash

Eclipse season is here which means beginnings and endings are a major theme this month. Sudden arrivals or departures may feel abrupt but in actual fact, they’ve been brewing for months.
Lean in to the tides of change by staying flexible and keeping an open mind. When you encounter a problem or difficult person, ask yourself, “What is this here to teach me?”
I recommend reading these forecasts for your rising sign rather than your sun sign. You can discover why this will improve the accuracy and make them feel more relevant in this article.

Hang in there this month and remember change almost always feels a little uncomfortable.

– Emma xx


+ Aries and Aries rising

KEY THEMES: Work/life balance, family politics

The headline acts this month are two eclipses (the first on July 3rd, the second on July 17th) illuminating the area of your chart that governs home and work life. These will hit you harder than some of the other signs as they’ll also be making challenging aspects to your sun or ascendant. That means they could really have you questioning some part of your personality or identity. As someone naturally inclined to go-go-go, your knee-jerk reaction will be to push through. But with a Mercury retrograde added into the mix (on July 8), your word of the month will be “surrender”. This is SO not your style, I know, but if you can try to quit struggling against the chaos and embrace stillness you’ll find July much more palatable. The first eclipse on the 3rd is a major reboot for things at home and with family – expect surprising news or behaviour from someone within your domestic unit that could reopen an old wound. If you have important stuff to get done, try to nail it before the 8th when we head into Mercury retrograde for three weeks. The first week it could manifest in creative blocks, then as the month wears on, the potential for miscommunications at home will be epic, so try to be patient with your nearest and dearest. The 17th sees an epic full moon eclipse in Capricorn conjunct Pluto, Saturn and the south node – all big, heavy energies. This will be the culmination of this emotional vs practical energy and the mood will likely feel really tense. It’s all playing out again on this home life/ work life axis so watch for short fuses (in yourself and others). This is a day best spent reflecting on what old patterns and fears that aren’t serving you in the realm of you work and public life. You’ll feel a little reprieve when the sun moves into Leo on the 24th, followed by Venus five days later. But as the month continues, Mercury will track back deeper into the part of your chart governing family life. This is not the time to have a pow-wow or intervention. Where possible, your best course of action is to do nothing.

+ Taurus and Taurus rising

KEY THEMES: Communication, learning, teaching, technology

This month’s solar and lunar eclipses will draw attention to communications, travel and learning. Eclipses are energetic portals that offer the potential for dramatic change and growth, so it’s worth reflecting on what you’d like to manifest in these specific areas. Where do you want to learn, expand and travel over the next 12 months? The first one kicks off on the 3rd of July – a new moon in Cancer asking what you want to nurture in the realm of communications and learning. There’s also the chance of some out-of-the-blue news on this day, so expect the unexpected. Venus moves into Cancer on July 4th, which should have you feeling more inclined to stay in and get reacquainted with your slow cooker. Embrace the homely vibes and enjoy the change of pace after the madness that was June. Your steady approach will be a godsend, especially when things get messy with Mercury going retrograde on the 8th of July with a feeling of fractiousness (courtesy of Mars) to start things off. This retrograde will bring its powers of confusion and misunderstandings to your home life so be mindful that things could get a little hazy. Be extra diligent in making sure you’re understood with your loved ones as the stage will be set for silly miscommunication.

The full moon eclipse on the 17th will bring with it some seriously heavy feels. It’s a good time for soul searching and, if you have the bandwidth, reflecting on how your fears are holding you back from learning and expanding into a lighter version of yourself. Ask yourself: If you could go anywhere, where would you go? What have you always wanted to learn?

You’ll still be fumbling through mercury retrograde (which wraps up on August the 1st) when the sun moves into Leo. This should lighten the mood a little around the 24th, but as the month rolls by, the mercury retrograde will drag on and potentially fuck with your communications even more. It’s an intense time so be kind to yourself and remember everyone else is dealing with this same muddle of energy.

+ Gemini and Gemini rising

KEY THEMES: Money and self-worth

There’s no way around it, the whole vibe this month is kind of intense. That’s thanks to a bunch of planets moving through the deliciously feminine, sensitive sign of Cancer, and in doing so, facing off against some pretty serious masculine energy. Expect this tension between the practical and the intuitive to play out around your finances – how you make it and any shared resources you have with your partner. It kicks off pretty much immediately with the new moon eclipse on July 3rd. There’s lots of energy around stepping up and stepping out, with an unexpected meeting or conversations that could shake things up. It’s a powerful moon for you to work on intentions around abundance and self-worth, so schedule time to get clear on exactly what you want. Socially things will start to slow down after a few weeks, but with mercury retrograde looming on the 8th of July that’s probably not a bad thing. Retrograde season starts with a bang as it meets up with Mars, the planet of aggression and confrontation, so tread carefully on that day in particular.

The next three weeks of mercury retrograde will be influencing the part of your chart that governs communication, so it’s probably going to feel extra intense for you. Know that retrogrades aren’t a time to fear, just a good reminder to take extra care and slow down. Reread emails before you send them, run spellchecks and follow up with people to make sure they’ve received messages you’ve sent. The full moon on the 17th is a doozy, illuminating your relationship with power, money and sex. This is not for the faint hearted but if you’re willing to go there, it’s potent energy to help you release and let go of old baggage that keeps you feeling small. Ask yourself: Where do you give your power away? These are the themes that have been percolating since December 2017, so now is the time to really look long and hard at what you need to let go of. The sun moves into Leo on the 24th bringing a much needed burst of sunshine after the heaviness of the full moon. Then, it’s just a few more days until mercury goes direct and you’ll really be home free.

+ Cancer and Cancer rising

KEY THEMES: You! You! You! Your identity, your appearance and personality?

While last month probably felt really erratic you can take some comfort in the fact that things will have a consistent flavour this month. There’s been A LOT of stuff going down in your chart around your identity and your one-on-one relationships since December 2017, with some planetary triggers prompting you to reflect on whether you want things to maintain the status quo. “Just because we’ve always done it this way doesn’t mean it’s the best way,” may have been a recurring theme or conversation. This month, two eclipses, on the 3rd and 17th of July, will stir up these issues all over again. The new moon and eclipse on July 3rd is a super potent one to set intentions around identity. Have you been feeling like a new sense of self is emerging? This is the moon to really get clear on who you want to be in the world (no pressure!). How would you like other people to describe you? Maybe even do a pop quiz and ask how others would describe you. On a really superficial level it might be as simple as changing your hair or experimenting with a new form of exercise. Venus moves into Cancer the next day (the 4th), which should slow things down on the social front. Here’s your green light for embracing JOMO – the joy of missing out – or at the very least, more one-on-one catch-ups. Mercury retrograde raises its bewildering head on July 8th where it will cause mischief for the following few weeks. The majority of the time will be spent potentially meddling in your finances so check your bills and netbank to make sure you things have been calculated correctly. The second eclipse of the month takes place on the 17th bringing with it the potential for amazing growth. If things have been tense in your relationship, things could come to a head or at the least you might have some kind of epiphany around how you’d’ like to move forward. Whatever happens expect big emotions, and be prepared to call on that lovely Cancerian sensitivity when you’re dealing with less in-tune people. Seven days later (on the 24th) you’ll feel a shift when the sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo. There’s still a bit over a week of the retrograde to get through, but it should alleviate some of the focus from those big esoteric “who am I/what am I doing?” questions that have been hanging over your head all month.

+ Leo and Leo rising

KEY THEMES: Self-care, solitude, rest

You might feel a bit out of sorts – or at least not as social as usual – this month with the vibe conducive to seclusion and solitude. It’s a good time to do a little soul-searching, and there’s plenty of energy stirring up old issues for you to reflect upon. Since December 2017 there’s been a feeling brewing, something calling you to reevaluate your work situation or you may have even had some issues with your health. This month those themes are likely to get kicked up again with two eclipses encouraging rapid change. The solar eclipse on July 3rd has a super potent energy for starting something new. Solar eclipses are all about new beginnings, so be extra observant for new opportunities that present themselves. Pay attention to your dreams and also to coincidences – there’s a fateful vibe in the air. With Mars moving into your home sign on the same day, you might feel super motivated – or a little bit cranky. Socially things will cool around the 4th for a few weeks when Venus moves into Cancer, which will suit you fine as you’re probably feeling a little insular right now. Then, a few days later (July 7th) Mercury retrograde starts for three weeks, bringing with it the potential for misunderstandings, miscommunications and missed connections. Mercury retrograde gets a lot of bad press, and it can be frustrating, but life doesn’t have to stop. Just capitalise on it as an opportunity for more quiet and self-inquiry. A lunar eclipse on the 17th will be markedly heavier than the last eclipse, triggering all that stuff around you work and health that might have been weighing on your mind. This is another shot of powerful energy but this time it’s all about endings, so ask yourself what you are ready to let go of. If you’ve been thinking about quitting smoking, getting sober or making some other big lifestyle changes, you’ll get an extra nudge along from the planets to help you get started on this day. The following week the mood will lift as the sun shifts into Leo, but there’s still about 10 days of Mercury retrograde to deal with. The last week of the retrograde will likely be the most problematic so be prepared for things to take longer than usual to get done. .

+ Virgo and Virgo rising

KEY THEMES: Friendships, workmates, group dynamics

We’re well and truly in the midst of eclipse season, which means the times are a changin’ – or at the very least, a little bit dramatic. Eclipses are energetic portals offering the opportunity for closure and new beginnings. This month we’ll have two eclipses, drawing attention to your friendships, workmates, and also your creativity, self-expression and children. The first takes place on July 3rd – a total solar eclipse in Cancer. Cancer is all about feminine, yin energy and as the ruler of the realm of friendships, will be a great energetic trigger to reflect on how you operate in a group setting. Are you always worrying about everybody else? If you’ve been picking up the slack for people around you, you could reach the end of your tether this month. This new moon is a great time to reset your intentions. If you’re feeling fed up, now is the time to quit saving everyone else’s skin. If you’re sick of being the one who always cleans up everyone else’s mess, there’s only one way to change that: stop! Mercury goes retrograde on the 7th of July until the 2nd of August, bringing with it plenty of potential for misunderstandings and confusion. Despite your natural attention to detail, things could go haywire.

The next eclipse happens two weeks later around 17th and has a bit of a heavier feel to it. It’s linked to a longer transit that’s been happening since December 2017 that wants you to take stock of how you express yourself creatively. Virgo has a tendency to prioritise work over, well, most things. The idea of prioritising joy and scheduling time to do the things that make you happy probably feels quite weird, but this full moon is a great time to reflect on what it is that really makes your heart soar. How can you bring more of that into your life, and what do you need to release to make room for more fun? Be warned: this is going to feel uncomfortable at the time will be so worth it in the long run.

On the 24th July, the sun will move into Leo, with Venus following on the 29th. After all the tides of emotion running high all month it will be a nice change but the retrograde will still cause a few hiccups with friends in the last week of the month. Try not to get attached to whose fault it is, sometimes mistakes just happen and getting caught up in the blame game won’t put things right.

+ Libra and Libra rising

KEY THEMES: Work, public persona, social media

There’s been some pretty heavy energy hitting your chart this year (actually it’s been on and off like that since December 2017). This month’s eclipses could bring things to a head. Eclipses are synonymous with endings and beginnings, light and shadow, and this month we have two, which will bring attention to both your home and work life. The first eclipse kicks off at the start of the month (July 3rd) and is the friendlier of the two. It’s a total solar eclipse in Cancer the same day as the new moon, which is a potent energy to set intentions around where you’re going professionally and how you project yourself publicly (for example, on social media). Things can happen quickly around eclipses so pay attention to who you meet and any synchronicities that arise. If you’re born between the 25th of September 1981 and the 16th of March 1983 or the 10th of April, 2000 and 13th of October 2001, this new moon will be happening around your north node – a point synonymous with your true calling – so pay special attention to dreams, chance meetings and inspiration that strikes out of the blue.

Mercury retrograde starts on July 8 until August 2nd, bringing its usual comedy of errors with it. It will be especially influential in your dealings with co-workers and friends, so be extra thorough with your communications to keep things running smoothly. On the 17th of July we’ll welcome an intense full moon in Capricorn and a lunar eclipse, bringing the focus squarely to your home and family life. Old hang-ups you thought were long forgotten could blow up out of nowhere, and things could escalate quickly. Our advice? Lay low; if your schedule allows, take advantage of the purge and release vibes by doing some decluttering or reorganising. The Mercury retrograde grinds on until early August and will ramp up in its final week, shifting focus into your professional life so run that spellcheck and read over emails one more time before you hit send. The sun shifts to Leo on the 24th lightening the mood, with Venus following on the 29th. It’s a big month of revelation and the potential for change is immense so try to keep a sense of inquisitiveness to what’s going on rather than getting caught up in the drama. You’re exactly where you’re meant to be.

+ Scorpio and Scorpio rising

KEY THEMES: travel, learning, expansion

Last month (between the 12th and 20th of June) you got a preview of some of the territory you’ll be navigating in July. It’s really powerful, intense stuff asking you to consider the way you communicate, learn and relate. Issues with your siblings might have cropped up too. This month, while the sun shines in sensitive Cancer for the first few weeks we’ll face two eclipses and a Mercury retrograde – not for the faint hearted! July 3 marks a full solar eclipse and new moon in Cancer. Like all new moons it’s a time to set intentions and think about what you’d like to grow in your life. If you were born between September 25 1981 and March 16 1983 or April 10, 2000 and October 13th 2001, it could be especially juicy as your north node – the part of your chart that reflects what you’re here to learn this time around – is nearby. Now is the time to get manifesting any hopes and dreams around travel, higher learning and spirituality. If your diary has been jam-packed expect the tone to change around July 4th when Venus moves into Cancer, giving everyone a bit more of an urge to lay low. On the 7th Mercury the planet of communication, transport and gadgets will go retrograde until August 2nd. Miscommunications, technological snafus and delays are likely to spring up in your professional life so be extra diligent in backing up your work and confirming plans. When the full moon (and a partial lunar eclipse) hits on July 17, it’ll be getting a zap of energy from your ruling planet Pluto. Pluto is synonymous with our shadow side, fear, power and transformation so this full moon will be nothing if not intense. It’s a time for reflection and letting go so set-aside time to think about what you’d like to release from your life. Think: bad habits, co-dependent behaviour, toxic relationships – the energy will be supportive of helping you bring things to an end. It’s a great day to get sober/turn over a new leaf if that’s something that’s been on your mind. A week later the mood will lighten a little when we transition into Leo season on July 24. Venus follows on the 29th adding to the brighter mood, but we’ll still be in the throes of Mercury retrograde until August 2, so remember things might still feel tricky until we’re well and truly into next month.

+ Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

KEY THEMES: Power, control, sex, shared resources

Freedom is part of your astrological DNA, but that fierce independence might feel under threat as you face a couple of pretty hefty eclipses this month. Cast your mind back to mid-June (around the 12th-20th) for what may have been a little preview to the issues you’ll be called to reflect on this month.

On July 3rd, the new moon and total solar eclipse in Cancer asks you to consider how you want to grow and evolve in areas where you share resources (think: time, money, assets). What are your goals in this realm? Are you saving for a house deposit or maybe paying of debts? Whatever it is, this is strong energy to plant new seeds and turn over a new leaf. It probably all sounds a bit dull and practical but if you use the energy wisely it could pay off very nicely for you down the track. Mercury retrograde rolls around again on the 7th of July, bringing a potentially chaotic flavour to your plans. If long distance travel is on the cards you could experience delays or cancelled flights, especially during the first two weeks of retrograde. On the 17th of July a full moon partial lunar eclipse takes place in Capricorn bringing attention to your own financial position. Money, savings and how you earn a living has likely been a recurring theme for you since December 2017 and this eclipse will stir up fears and concerns that may have been lurking in the background. The energy is excellent for purging, so if there’s a bad money habit you’re desperate to let go of, this is the day to do it. Closing old accounts and credit cards you don’t use (but are still charging you fees), consolidating debt and releasing financial baggage that’s weighing you down is an great way to use the energy. The last week of July will feel a little lighter with the sun and then Venus moving into Leo but the retrograde will still be hanging around until early August. Chances are you’ll be feeling a bit worse wear after all the excitement of the eclipses so look after yourself and listen to your body when it tells you it needs to rest.

+ Capricorn and Capricorn rising

KEY THEMES: Your intimate relationships and partnerships

The growing pains that stirred up a little turmoil for you in mid-June will come to the fore this month with two eclipses taking place and putting focus on your sense of self, and your one-on-one relationships. Cast your mind back to what was going on around the week around 12th-20th of June and ask yourself what was coming up for you around relationships. You may have felt like you were beating your head against a brick wall or had a pretty explosive blow-up with someone you’re close to. This new moon is asking you to make fertiliser out of the shrapnel of that confrontation and set new intentions around what you want out of your relationships. If you’re not happy with the way things are going, think about what you want. Listen to your heart and ask how can you best move forward. The planet of communications and gadgets (Mercury) goes retrograde on July 7 until August 2nd, promising to make interactions and all things technological a little wonky. Back up your work, make sure you’re communicating clearly and don’t be surprised if you run into unexpected delays. Take solace in the fact retrograde shouldn’t feel quite so swampy as the last one (in March this year). A full moon will light up the part of your chart connected to your identity and appearance on the 17th of July. It’ll be hanging out with Pluto – the planet ruling transformation, power and fear – so expect some fairly powerful breakthroughs. Who you are and your values have been evolving over the past 18 months and you may find something new connected to these personal changes will be illuminated around this full moon. Pay attention to what comes up in dreams and day-to-day life. This moon will be a turning point in leaving behind another old piece of yourself. You’re shedding a skin, leaving behind the old to make room for the new, so trust that this process is making space for something better. After such an epic first three weeks the last week of the month is comparatively low-key. The sun and Venus move into Leo which should lighten up the mood and the end of the retrograde is within sight (August 2). You’ll likely feel aftershocks from the eclipses so be gentle with yourself and try to resist the urge to grab on to things, clutching for control. Surrender is key to weathering this evolutionary period with grace.

+ Aquarius and Aquarius rising

KEY THEMES: Health, work/life balance

For the first three weeks of the month the sun will be drawing energy towards your work and health as we paddle through Cancer season. It’s a slower pace than the previous month but with two big eclipses – and a Mercury retrograde – it’s not without drama. A complete solar eclipse on the 3rd of July will mark the new moon in Cancer. It might also be activating your north node (which carries the energy of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime) if you were born between the 25th of September 1981 and the 16th of March 1983 or the 10th of April, 2000 and the 13th of October 2001, so pay attention to any flashes of insight or bursts of creativity. This new moon is all about setting intentions around how you want to grow and develop your work and wellbeing. If you’ve been thinking about going on a health kick, this is a good day to start. Mercury retrograde will kick off with a bang on July 7 and will be moving through the area of your chart governing your one-on-one relationships for the next three weeks. If you’re in a relationship, this could make things a little bit dramatic and the potential for misunderstandings will be high. Tread gently and try to be patient if things take longer than you anticipated. The second eclipse of the month, a partial lunar eclipse full moon in Capricorn on July 17 will have you craving solitude. Listen to your intuition and carve out time to be alone with your thoughts. Pluto, the planet of transformation, shadow, fear and power, will have a strong influence on this lunation prompting you to reflect on your shadow self. This is a time to think about what fears are holding you back, and what old stories you need to let go of. Pay attention to dreams (and nightmares for that matter) that could provide insight into what needs to be released. After all that heavy soul searching you’ll find the mood lifting come the 24th when the sun moves into Leo, with Venus following around the 29th. Mercury retrograde is almost over, but the final week of the month could see things go pear-shaped on the work front so be prepared for things to take longer than you expect and take comfort in the fact it will end on August 1.

+ Pisces and Pisces rising

KEY THEMES: Creativity, joy, sex, play

July sees us swimming in deep waters thanks to two eclipses (and a Mercury retrograde!), triggering issues with friends, workmates and your creativity. The secret to surviving it will be to swim with the current rather than flail around against it.

Eclipses often herald beginnings and endings. Things may happen quickly or feel abrupt but remember they’re the culmination of issues that have been brewing for months. A total solar eclipse on the new moon in Cancer on July 3 will draw attention to creativity, fun and sex. If you have kids, it could also trigger you to reflect on your relationship with them. Since mid-June you’ve likely had a few run-ins around these areas of your life, so this is the time to reflect on what you’ve learned and how you’d like to move forward. It’s a powerful moon for setting intentions, and if you have any creative ideas on the boil it’s a great time to put pen to paper and make a start. Miscommunications, delays and confusion could make life a little more challenging around the 7th of July when Mercury goes retrograde for a few weeks (until August 2). This retrograde won’t feel as dreamy or detached as the last retrograde, and people might be a little more dramatic when things go wrong. The best way to deal is to stay flexible and not get upset if you hit a roadblock. Things will get done they just mightn’t get done as quickly as you expect. Come July 17th we welcome the second eclipse, this time a partial lunar eclipse and full moon in Capricorn. You’ve been doing some serious soul-searching since December 2017 around what you want your home life to look like. This full moon will illuminate the foundations you’ve been building and possibly expose some of the cracks, too. With Pluto (the planet of fear, transformation and power) aspecting the full moon, you could start to doubt some of the decisions you’ve made. Try not to get swept away, remain observant of what comes up rather than getting carried away in a stream of anxiety. Full moons are about bringing light to the shadows and mark a time to release. Whatever triggers panic will be a clue to what you need to and leave behind in order to move forward. The last week of the month is comparatively low-key, with the sun then Venus moving into Leo (on the 24th and 29th of July) and the Mercury retrograde gifting us our one final spurt of confusion. Creative clarity you had at the beginning of he month might begin to get hazy, or if you have children you may find it harder to connect. Keep the faith, come August 2nd the retrograde will be done for another few months and things will feel a little less intense.