Your horoscope for
September 2019


Words: Emma Vidgen //@emma_vee


No matter where you are in the world, this month has a distinctly back-to-school kind of flavour, at least for the first couple of weeks. With a bunch of planets in Virgo the energy is all business and perfect for getting shit done.

Watch out for workaholic tendencies and make sure you take time to unplug and reconnect with nature – the earthy Virgo vibes are perfect for getting out into green spaces and enjoying the sunshine.

I always recommend reading your horoscope for your rising sign rather than your sun sign. You can read why it will make your monthly forecast more meaningful in this article.

Wishing you a juicy and abundant September, see you next month.

– Emma xx


+ Aries and Aries rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my daily rituals and routines?

If the first few weeks of August felt like a playful, creative escape from the real world, the first half of September definitely carries a more studious vibe. The good news is rather than being a total bummer you’ve got so much energy pulsating around the part of your chart governing daily rituals, health and the 9-5 grind you should feel energised to tackle things head on. With four planets in Virgo revving up your daily routines it’s the perfect time to turn over a new leaf or work on establishing new habits.

These new approaches could help you lay solid foundations around your career – part of a larger cosmic cycle that’s been in play since December 2017. The first fortnight also carries with it some extra energy from Jupiter the planet of luck, expansions and thinking big. You might find you're feeling super inspired – maybe even a little bulletproof – around the 2, 6 and 12th, but beware the tendency to take on more than you can handle.

After two weeks of super earthy energy the full moon in Pisces on the 14th will bring with it a tangible change in mood. The urge for solitude, rest and quiet will be strong – or you could just feel like falling into a bucket of wine. Don't say we didn't warn you!

The worker bee vibes will ease from the 15th onwards as Mercury and Venus move into Libra, followed by the sun a week later on 23rd. Tensions arising from a one-on-one relationship – possibly your romantic partner, a close friend or business partner – could kick up recurring issues you have been dealing with on the work front. The situations could be a little snarky, but the way you resolve them should help you get clear on how you’d like those relationships to work in future. Those same relationships will be the focus of the new moon on the 28th so pay attention to any insights you can glean from the drama.

+ Taurus and Taurus rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my creative talents

It’s all about earth energy for the first couple of weeks in September with Virgo season bringing a delicious blend of focus and drive to the part of your chart dedicated to creativity, fun and play. If you’ve been sitting on an idea or creative project, block out your calendar and turn off your phone for the first fortnight because you’ll literally be oozing with inspiration. Your creative outburst could be inspired by some larger cosmic cycles that had you reflecting on your long-term goals related to travel, spirituality or higher learning. Enjoy the surge while it lasts!

That same desire to create, play or individuate might cause a bit of tension with your partnerso be mindful of how they'll react if you do lock yourself in your studio for two weeks.

The full moon in Pisces on the 14th feels like a very distinct intermission to the results-driven first fortnight in September. Full moons are all about release, and this one is extra juicy (and potentially extra boozy) courtesy of its ruling planet Neptune hanging out close by. Be open to downloads in dreams and meditation around what you need to let go in order to grow, especially in the context of friends, groups and your place within the community.

September’s second act begins the next day as Mercury and Venus move into Libra. Expect communication and relationships to lighten up a little, a vibe bolstered when Libra season officially begins on 23 September.

The final week of the month could present a few hiccups especially on the work front but stay calm and trust to approach any difficult personalities as karmic teachers rather than the enemy. If you can stay philosophical about challenging situations you’ll be in tip-top shape to make meaningful intentions around your work and daily rituals on the new moon in Libra come 28 September.

+ Gemini and Gemini rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my home and family life

You’re a ball of business at the best of times but the first two weeks of September could turn you into Cyclone Gemini, especially on the homefront. With four planets supercharging your family and domestic life, you’ll be feeling inspired and energised to make like Riri and work, work, work, work, work. Renovations, revamps or even relocations could be on your mind as Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Sun cruise through the part of your chart that rules your home.

Around the same time, this burst of energy will get an extra hit of juice from a longer-term transit that’s been taking place since December 2017. Larger themes around how you share resources, power and money will come into play and help support the projects you’re tackling at home. Adding to the action, Jupiter faces off with these planets on 3, 6 and 13th. The result could be divine inspiration or taking on more than you can handle so be aware of the urge to overextend.

Come the 14th a full moon in Pisces will slow things waay down. You might feel as though someone has pulled the cord out of the wall, or dunked your head under water. It’s a deep, dreamy lunation that will cast a light over your professional life and beg the question, 'what you’re ready to release?'. Neptune is also hanging out up there which could make you feel a little more hazy, so don’t make any snap decisions and just enjoy the dreamy vibes.

The second half of the month sees the energy move towards Libra season (which officially kicks off 23 September). As the planets make their way towards your fellow air sign, you’ll feel a little less goal-oriented and more in the mood to play. A few hiccups between 22 and 26 relating could dredge up those power/money/resource issues from earlier in the month but any confrontations will help you refine things longer term. On the 28th, a new moon in Libra invites you to manifest joy, creativity and fun – so what are you waiting for?

+ Cancer and Cancer rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my communications and relationships with siblings

It’s been a big few months for you dear Cancer but take solace things won’t feel quite so gnarly come September. The first fortnight picks up where the last week of August left off, with lots of efficient, productive Virgo vibes energising your relationship with siblings and day-to-day communications. You’ll be expressing yourself with clarity and precision which may also help soothe ongoing tensions within your one-on-one relationships.

A luscious full moon in Pisces on the 14th will have you dreaming about a big trip or even toying with the idea of going back to study, but with Neptune the planet of dreams and premonitions also hanging out close by you might feel a little hazy or unsure of how you’re actually going to pull it off. Don’t stress just let your imagination run wild and pay attention to any seemingly “random” strokes of inspiration.

The second half of the month has a more harmonious, airy quality to it as the planets begin to move into Libra. Venus and Mercury are first to make the change on the 15th, followed by the sun which officially kicks off Libra season on the 23rd. For the next four weeks the focus will fall squarely on your home life, bringing all the Venusian qualities Libra is famous for (diplomacy, beauty, equality) to your family set-up.

Between 22 and 26 you may face a few situations that could knock the scab off some old wounds with your nearest and dearest. It shouldn't be as brutal as eclipse season but it will definitely force your hand and make you take action in some way. The drama will help you get clearer on what you’d like to manifest in your one-on-one relationships come the new moon on the 28th.

+ Leo and Leo rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my finances and self-worth

The festival of you may be over for another year but that’s not to say there are no good times to be had in September. OK to be fair, it is a lot more work-focused and a little less you-focused but still, with a swag of planets hanging out in the area of your chart that rules your finances during the first two weeks of the month you have the opportunity to really make some in-roads on the cash front.

The sudden surge of initiative and energy is getting an extra boost from a longer-term transit that’s been challenging your ideas around work, routine and health since December 2017. Look out for new possibilities that could improve your financial standing and say yes when opportunity comes knocking. You’ll also get a burst of creative inspiration during that first fortnight that could help you monetise your creative pursuits.

Mid-month the mood changes when a full moon in Pisces lights up the part of your chart that governs shared finances, sex and power. With Neptune also hanging out close by, it’s likely to be an emotionally-charged time and it may all feel a bit overwhelming. If you’re planning drinks with friends that night, the likelihood of things going from low-key to large is high – just sayin!

After a productive couple of weeks you’ll be able to take your foot off the gas after the 15th as Libra season approaches. Kicking off officially on the 23rd September, the mood will be less output-oriented and a little more social. Watch out for some potential hiccups at work between the 22 and 26th. The situation may be new but the underlying issues will relate to things you’ve been dealing with for the past 18 months. On the 28th, a new moon in LIbra offers a chance to wipe the slate clean and start afresh on the job front so make time to get clear on how you’d like to change things up for a more harmonious worklife.

+ Virgo and Virgo rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish myself, not just other people??

With Virgo season in full flight for the first fortnight of September you’ll be feeling energised and inspired to get shit done. Now you’ve got a little distance from July’s eclipse season you might have some insight into things you’d like to switch up, and this is a great time to start putting any plans you’ve been ruminating on into action. The energy from the 1 to 13 September will give you a supportive boost as the Sun (your life force) Venus (ruling relationships, money and artistic expression), Mercury (ruling communication) and Mars (ruling physicality and assertiveness) make supportive aspects to Saturn and Pluto, encouraging you to lay new foundations especially in the realm of your friendships, creative expression and kids.

You might feel especially inspired around 8 September to shake things up on the homefront and the energy is an especially juicy balance of inspiration and focus so if you feel called to do a little Marie Kondo don’t fight it.

Chances are this year you’ve picked up on some patterns that aren’t really working for you anymore. If you’ve come up with ways to improve things (which of course you have, because that is what Virgos do), the first two weeks of the month are a great time to put plans into action especially around the 9th and 12th.

Mid-month a full moon in Pisces marks a change of gears asking you to reflect on what you want to release and let go of around your one-on-one relationships. It’s a dreamy, ethereal vibe after the practicality and productivity of the weeks prior so allow yourself the time to relax and dream but be warned if you open a bottle of wine you may be tempted to finish the whole thing.

From the 14th onward the mood begins to shift as we approach Libra season. Overall the change will feel a little more fun and social but a little less productive. Things may feel downright hazy on 21st especially at home and/or with your significant other so be extra careful with details.

The grand plans hatched earlier in the month might hit a roadblock between the 22 to the 26th, but don’t let it derail the bigger picture – it’s just a temporary hiccup. The month closes out with a lovely new moon in Libra, asking you to get serious about where you want to grow your worth - both financially and on a personal level. Now’s the time to put that Virgo humility to one side and think big, you’re worth it!

+ Libra and Libra rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my intuition?

The sunshine and good times of Leo season may be behind us but a surge in focus and clarity should have you thinking a little clearer for the first half of September and inspire you to turn inward. The first two weeks sees a series of planets making supportive aspects that will help you get shit done to help facilitate changes you’ve been reflecting on making around your home and family life since December 2017. These could be major things like deciding to sell your house or be as simple as having a massive declutter. Whatever it is, the energy is ripe for you to get to work. It’s quiet, solitary work but the progress you make especially around the 9th and 12 September – whether it’s clearing out your wardrobe or actually getting your apartment ready to put on the market – will help you build solid foundations in the longer term.

Mid-month there’s a distinct change of pace when a full moon in Pisces beckons you to take a well-earned breather. This lunation is all about releasing your baggage around the daily grind. If you’re feeling burnt out, think about how you can free up your daily routine to create more space to do things that make you feel good. This likely involves saying “no” a little more – something Libran energy struggles with – so be prepared to tread on some toes in the name of your own sanity.

After a productive fortnight the vibe switches up from the 14th as Venus and Mercury move into your home sign. The sun follows suit on 23rd adding to the lush Libra vibes. You’ll notice a real shift as communication and relationships become a little less focussed on efficiency and outcome and a little more centred around diplomacy and beauty – just how you like it!

Those harmonious vibes may be tested by some more challenging aspects around the 22, 25 and 26 (although rumblings may begin as early as 18). Long term issues or projects particularly relating to your family, home and private life could face a new roadblock or you may be forced to make a call about something you’ve been mulling over. Don’t stress, the challenges you’re facing now are all part of the larger evolutionary process you’re currently working through.

+ Scorpio and Scorpio rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my friendships and role within groups?

You love your people (note: not all people), but you also like your alone time. Unfortunately the first half of this month might be somewhat lacking on the solitude front with a planetary pile-up in the part of your chart related to friends, co-workers and community.

Interactions with friends and co-workers will trigger you to reflect on larger themes around how you communicate and connect with others. These are issues that have been popping up (possibly causing you grief) since December 2017, but unlike the eclipse season, the first half of September offers some cosmic juice that should help support you to take action to improve and refine your communication style (especially on 1, 5, 9 and 13).

While the overall feel of the first fortnight is productive and results-oriented, there are a few days where you might feel a tension between cold hard reality and loftier ambitions – especially relating to your finances or self-worth. You could feel super inspired... or find yourself overextending, overspending or overcommitting around the 3rd, 6th and 13th of September. The urge to overindulge or check out will be strong around the 10th. Those thirsty feels could strike again a couple of days later when the full moon in Pisces (September 14) casts its dreamy glow on your creative, artistic and sexual side. If you’re so inclined, you could harness the energy to create a masterpiece… or you could just get lit (sensible Virgo warning: it is a Tuesday).

The second half of the month is a little more cut and dry as Venus, Mercury and the Sun move into Libra (on the 14th and 23rd respectively). If all the people-y action so far this month has left you tapped out, you can look forward to a little more chill time as these planets pull focus towards your need for quiet time.

Those same issues you were making in-roads with earlier in the month around communications could get stirred up again and force you to take action, especially between the 22nd and 26th. This time it’s a little more confrontational, but rest assured the month closes out calmer with a new moon in Libra marking the perfect moment to go within and reflect on how you can make more space to connect with your intuition, dreams and sixth sense.

+ Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

**MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my professional development^^

Things are looking up for you on this month with plenty of astrological action lighting up the part of your chart governing your career and work life. The energy overall this year has been far more grounded and serious than you’d choose and while September isn't necessarily a month-long holiday, there are some nice moments that create opportunities for major progress.

Finances, self-worth and the way you earn money has been a recurring theme since December 2017 and eclipse season (June and July) probably dredged up all sorts of old stuff around these issues. The first half of September promises some opportunities (especially on 1, 5, 9 and 13) with your work that could help you refine and evolve the roadblocks you’re having wish cash. They won’t necessarily fall into your lap but if you take the initiative you could ride the wave of good fortune and make some real, palpable changes.

Your ruling planet Jupiter will create some extra fireworks on the work front, especially around the 3rd, 6th and 13th of September that if used wisely can help you make a lasting impression. You’ll be feeling extra inspired, maybe even a little invincible. Just choose your words wisely and resist the temptation to rush into things – whether it’s signing a new contract or committing to a new project – until you’ve given yourself at least 24 hours to sleep on it.

The full moon on the 14 September asks you what you’re ready to release and let go of on the home front. If you’ve been thinking about doing a bit of a refresh or redo this is the weekend to tackle it but be warned you could get distracted or go totally off-piste so if you’re working to a deadline enlist some practical help to keep you on track.

The focus will begin to shift from work to friends and community from around the 14th when Venus and Mercury move into Libra. Things will feel a bit less process-driven and a little more fun, with a juicy aspect on the 21st capturing your imagination. Don’t be surprised if you start dreaming about starting a new life somewhere elsewhere.

Between the 22nd and the 26th money issues will be back on the table, this time triggered by a situation with friends or co-workers. This one feels more challenging but remember growth and contraction go hand in hand. Draw on the resolutions and experiences you had earlier in September to resolve conflicts and trust the process. Come the new moon in Libra on the 28th you’ll have time to turn conflict into cosmic fertiliser and let the last week's drama guide your new moon intentions.

+ Capricorn and Capricorn rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my appetite for learning and adventure?

The longer transits of outer planets Saturn and Pluto have been forcing you to do some pretty major life overhauls the past 18 months. It’s been heavy going, but the first couple of weeks in September should feel like you’re making in-roads with whatever changes or upgrades you’ve been forced to work through. With so many planets hanging out in fellow-earth sign Virgo, the efficiency and can-do energy of the first two weeks will be like a breath of fresh air and inspire you to immerse yourself in learning or planning your next big trip. Supportive aspects will offer some extra chutzpah especially around learning, travel and matter of expansion. You won’t be swept away by the energy but if you put your mind to it this first fortnight could be super productive especially on 5th and 9th.

There could be a tendency to overcommit or overdo things around the 3rd, 6th and 13th when a series of aspects will have you thinking big and feeling a little indestructible so maybe make a note not to commit to anything on the spot around these dates.

Mid-month the mood changes with a full moon in Pisces getting extra dreamy vibes from nearby Neptune. This lunation calls on you to review what old beliefs and patterns you’re holding onto around the way you express yourself. Pay attention to what comes up, especially in dreams, and set intentions to release and let go of well-worn habits you’ve outgrown. You could feel a little burnt out after the productivity of the month so far and the urge to zone out/check out/get wasted could be quite strong.

After a very Lynchian intermission courtesy of the full moon, the energy shifts again as Libra season approaches. On the 15th the tone of communications will focus more on relationships and harmony rather than getting shit done, with Libra season officially kicking off on 23rd. A series of aspects between 22 and 26 playing out at work could challenge the progress you made earlier in the month but trust any setbacks are part of a larger story that is unfolding around your identity and sense of self. It’s nothing you can’t handle and should provide some insights into what intentions you’d like to set around career on the new moon on the 28th.

+ Aquarius and Aquarius rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my sense of personal power?

September kicks off with a plethora of cosmic energy drawing the focus to the area of your chart governing your shared resources, money, sex and power. With so many planets hanging out here (the part of your chart ruled by Virgo) you should be feeling inspired to tackle and refine what isn’t working in these parts of your life. Eclipse (in June and July) season shed light on your shadow self and whatever lightbulb moments you had, especially in relation to your greatest fears and dreams, could play in to your sudden urge to get shit done in the first half of the month. A series of aspects on the 3rd, 6th and 13th involving friends or groups could supercharge your ambitions to shake things up – just be mindful the urge to overcommit will be strong so try to take a pragmatic approach and focus on one thing at a time.

The full moon on 14th will cast light an ethereal glow on everything to do with how you earn money, your self worth and your own independent financial position. With Neptune nearby, this is a super potent moon for letting go of patterns that no longer serve you so make time to think about the habits you’re ready to release related to how you earn and spend cash.

After a lot of earthy energy (that could quite frankly feel a bit heavy for your liking) the spotlight begins to move from all things fiscal to learning, travel and expansion from around the 14th when Mercury and Venus move into Libra. A week later the sun follows suit officially kicking off Libra season and pulling focus squarely on the bigger picture.

The mood should lighten and feel a whole lot more philosophical and social which suits you just fine after the result-oriented start to September. Enjoy the airy, affable vibes but lookout for some speed bumps between 22 and 26 of September when old fears or anxieties could cause a bit of a wobble around plans related to travel or learning. Rather than let your mind run away with old stories, try to stay present and mindful of how you’re triggered. Paying attention to what comes up will help you create more powerful intentions for greater expansion, study and adventure come the new moon on the 28th.

+ Pisces and Pisces rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nourish my one-on-one relationships?

Order, routine and efficiency sum up the atmosphere for the first half of September with a slew of planets hanging out in Virgo. The desire to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in will be palpable with the Sun shining a light on your one-on-one partnerships. A bigger cycle around redefining your place and status within your community or friendships may have been a distraction but after months of soul searching you'll feel inspired to make positive changes.

This desire to knuckle down and get on with the job in the first fortnight will be peppered with a tendency to get carried away and take on too much. Jupiter will trigger the way you communicate, assert yourself and spend money so beware of the urge to bite off more than you can chew between the 2nd and 13th of September, especially on the work front.

The mood will change substantially around the 14th when a full moon in your home sign offers a dreamy respite to all the work, work, work of the month so far. Your ruler Neptune the planet of dreams, release and transcendence will be close to the moon bringing an ethereal, other-wordly quality to things. Don’t be surprised if you feel like checking out from reality around this lunation.

The next day Mercury and Venus are the first of the planets to move into Libra, shifting focus away from your one-on-one relationships to your shared financial resources. A creative burst on the 21st could have you feeling super pumped about work or dazed and confused; refrain from making any snap decisions and just enjoy the hit of inspiration. The energy will be lighter, more cordial, with the sun moves into Libra on 23 September. The last week of September those recurring issues with friends and community will raise their head once more possibly involving some confrontation or a situation that requires you to take action. It might not feel too pleasant but it’s a necessary contraction to your greater cycle of growth. When the new moon in Libra rolls around on the 28th, reflect on the hiccups of the past week and let them inform your intentions for the next lunar cycle