Your horoscope for
May 2019


Words: Emma Vidgen //@emma_vee


Since we launched The Wayward we’ve been dreaming of having horoscopes as part of our regular offering so to say we’re excited to finally kick them off is quite an understatement.

The theme for this month is growth. Taurus is traditionally associated with nature, fertility and luxury, so we’ve created a meditation for each sign related to what area of your life you should focus on nurturing over the coming weeks.

These horoscopes are most accurate if you read your rising sign rather than your sun sign. If you want to know why, check out our article which explains why it’s an absolute game-changer in terms of finding an interpretation that’s relevant for you.

Remember astrological energy is like weather, it isn’t a pre-determined fate you’re automatically resigned to, we all have free will but when an (astrological) storm hits you – and everyone around you – will usually feel it!


+ Aries and Aries rising


MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I grow my self-worth?

After a flurry of activity last month you’ll notice things definitely shift down a gear in May. Operating at less than break-neck speed isn’t necessarily your preferred MO but it’s worth trying to embrace the steadier pace and take a moment to regroup and reflect after walking on sunshine for most of April. This month, the focus falls squarely on your sense of self-worth and security. This might manifest quite literally around what you earn, or it might go deeper and raise issues of self-worth. What are your sources of self-worth; is it how much traction you get on social media, is it outperforming your colleagues at work or being noticed by your boss? If upon reflection, you don’t love where you’re at RN, the new moon on the 5th is a great time to think about what new habits you’d like to grow.

Maybe it’s about starting from “no” rather than “yes” so you can allow yourself time to reflect on whether something is right for you before committing. Maybe it’s looking at how to approach a pay rise, or maybe it’s about scheduling phone-free days over the weekend. Whatever it is, make sure what you’re calling in nourishes your soul. You’re at the beginning of a seven year cycle where you’ll feel called to shake things up in matters of emotional and financial value so be open to new ideas and unconventional approaches that may have never occurred (or appealed) to you before.

Be mindful of potential confrontations on the home front in the second half of the month (from 17th onwards). You may feel like you’re walking on egg shells about something and your natural inclination to react may be hard to resist. On the 19th the full moon in Scorpio is the perfect time to reflect on any epiphanies you’ve had around your self-worth. Be open to epiphanies around how you derive value from other people and any less-than-healthy patterns it may be time to release. Things will liven up again around the May 21 with the arrival of Gemini season. If you’ve felt frustrated with the slow plodding pace of the three weeks prior you'll enjoy the surge of energy, bolstered by Mercury moving into fast-thinking Gemini too.

+ Taurus and Taurus rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: Who am I growing into?

After a tumultuous start to the year you may feel totally exhausted by uncertainty, but finally you get some respite this month as the energies stabilise and take on a steadier pace. Your focus right now is your sense of self and identity, with lots of planetary action giving cause to reflect on how you feel on the inside, and how that correlates with how you project yourself.

The new moon on the 5th is perfect for setting clear intentions around your sense of identity. You’re nothing if not patient and have the resilience and determination to really see things through when you commit to something. If upon reflection you feel misunderstood, think about some practical ways to change that. Maybe it’s as simple as committing to not putting yourself down or being self-deprecating or deflecting compliments. Words are spells, and the way you speak about yourself carries an energy that shouldn’t be underestimated. This is particularly true from the 8th when your words will be especially potent and instrumental to what you’re growing in your life.

Uranus, the planet of innovation, disruption and rebellion moved into your sphere of identity a few weeks ago and will stay there for the next seven years, which will trigger some pretty epic changes in the way you project yourself to the world. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly feel the urge to dye your hair pink or get a new tattoo, especially around 18th.

You may feel a little crankier than usual around the 17th with Mars bringing some sting to interactions. You’ll likely feel frustrated, sulky and a little wounded, but try not to hold onto grudges or fester too much on any confrontations – come the 22nd you’ll find it easier to resolve any hiccups. Set aside time on the 19th for meditation and keep your mind open to any insights that drop in around your relationship. Emotions may run especially high around this time with your love, so resist the urge to be drawn into drama; let your steadiness (rather than stubbornness) prevail and redirect the energy into planning a night in.

+ Gemini and Gemini rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: What do I need to release, in order to grow?

Slowing down doesn’t come easily to you but this month it’s time to stop, surrender and go within for some much-needed solitude. The fiery frenzy of Aries season had you running around socially (not that you’re complaining), but now you’re being called to quieten that magnificent mind of yours, and take a breath.

Put time in your calendar to switch off on Sunday the 5th when the new moon in Taurus welcomes a new cycle of growth. This lunation is all about spiritual growth and release so it’s imperative you prioritise time to get out of your head and into your body. This is a great day to connect with your senses in whatever way resonates with you. Book a yin yoga class to tune into your physicality, get out of town and go for a hike or turn you phone to airplane mode for the day (or do all of the above, your're a master of multi-tasking, after all).

This month you’ll have plenty of opportunities to ponder what needs to leave in order for new shoots to sprout. Outdated resentments, behavioural patterns, old stories you’re holding onto, watch and see when they come up and notice how they’re holding you back. These old beliefs around self-worth and value will be particularly pertinent around May 105h when Venus squares Pluto and you’ll get a cosmic nudge to upgrade or be left powerless, clutching old baggage.

Keep an eye on money around the 17th until the end of the month when Mars moves into your financial sector. This transit can deal you some unexpected expenses, so minimise any potential sting by being a little more cautious with your coin than usual. Make sure you schedule time around the 19th to consider any breakthroughs you've had over the past three weeks around what you’re ready to release, and pay particular attention how making a change will improve your health and work life. You’ll feel a distinct change in energy around the 21st when the sun and Mercury we move into Gemini, with the pace of life and communication picking up speed, just the way you like.

+ Cancer and Cancer rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: What connections nurture my growth (and which ones don’t)?

May marks a welcome change of pace after the action stations frenzy of Aries season, with a slew of planets moving into steady, plod-along Taurus. Taurus rules your friendships, communities and sense of belonging so this month you’ll have plenty of opportunities to notice the people and environments that make you feel supported and secure.

It’s a season of friendship and community, and it really amps up with the first major new lunation – a new moon on the 5th May. New moons are all about setting intentions and Taurus is one of the most fertile signs of the zodiac, so reflect on what seeds you want to plant and nurture around this time. Making friends as an adult is SO hard (not to mention, often really awkward), but keep your eyes peeled because you might find a new bud waltzes into your life.

Equally, be mindful of the friendships or groups that don’t make you feel amazing. You may find a situation around the 10th will bring to light something that doesn’t sit well with you, and makes you reassess a relationship or your connection to a community. That’s ok, where one door closes another one always opens, so try and stay positive even if the incident leaves you feeling a little cold.

You’ll bounce back from any weirdness around the middle of the month (17th of May) when you get a nice little burst of energy and confidence from Mars. There’s a chance this transit might cross beyond confident into a tad fiesty – nothing to worry about just something to be aware of if you notice everyone around you is being really annoying. Ask yourself what the common denominator to these situations might be…

The full moon on the 19th is worth putting in your calendar. It’s lighting up your realm of fun, creativity and sex. Add to this the fact that it’s in intense, sensual Scorpio and you have a recipe for one very hot evening. Get involved!

+ Leo and Leo rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How do I want my grow my career?

This month the astro weather changes focus, shifting the spotlight and asking you to consider your place in the world, particularly in the context of career and how you show up in public ways (like on social media). With the sun, Venus and Mercury all coasting through your house of public life, there’s never been a juicier time to reflect on where you want to go next career-wise. Even if you’re not in the headspace to think about this stuff, you’ll find there’ll be plenty of opportunities that pop up that will force you to reassess where you’re going and what you’re doing right now.

Let’s not forget we’re in Taurus season and Taurus is all about the long game. The secret to making the most of this hard-working energy is to work backwards and consider what you need to do to get where you want to go. If you dream of writing a book, think about what you need to do to get from where you are now, to signing that book deal (rather than getting swept away with visions of your book launch). Write down a game plan around the 5th of May when the manifestation energy is especially potent.

Uranus recently began a seven-year cycle in this professional realm of your life, which means unexpected changes in direction, innovation and surprise offers will all be par for the course. You might get your first taste around the 16th in the form of an unexpected offer or opportunity. Look out for the good vibes and capitalise on them rather than waiting passively for something amazing to bowl you over.

The full moon might create some tension at home so try to be patient and hold your tongue if things are feeling a little salty. It should blow over within a few days, but it’s worth treading gently around the weekend of the 18th – 20th to avoid a blow up. The last week in May will pick up pace as the sun and Mercury move into Gemini bringing some much needed airiness to the overall mood.

+ Virgo and Virgo rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: What expansive experiences will help me grow?

The chaos of the first four months of 2019 have been anything but dull. But, as a sign who likes things methodical (maybe even a little routine), the ups and downs of this year’s energy may be a little too much drama for your liking. If the intensity so far has left you feeling strung out and anxious, take solace in the fact that May brings with it some gentler, or at the very least, more reliable cosmic weather.

This month the focus is on what you know, what you don’t, and how you’d like to fill the in the gaps in between. It might be through travel, study or creating a new digital property like a podcast. The quest for ideas and the opportunity to share your opinions are going to be the sweet spot for you to focus on in May. Think about what you wish you knew more about, where you’ve always wanted to visit or how you’ve always wanted to broadcast yourself. Pay attention to bolts out of the blue around the 8th when you may be struck by inspiration.

You may not get actually take the trip or start studying right away, but this is a great month to start planting the seeds for your next adventure or project. Write your plan of attack out on the new moon on May 5 and take advantage of the steadier pace this month to start making the moves to bring your dream to life. Opportunities won’t fall in your lap but if you do a little research you’ll find things move easily and you’ll be in flow. The pace in general will feel more manageable so enjoy it while it lasts. Things will pick up again around the 22st when the sun and Mercury move into Gemini and the energy shifts to focus on your career.

+ Libra and Libra rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How am I inhibiting my growth by giving away my power?

With Taurus season well and truly in swing, you’ll have noticed a marked change in the tempo of day-to-day life. Taurus energy is slow and steady and consistent, a little sleepier than you might like but you’ll appreciate the considered nature things take on.

With Mercury in Aries over the past few weeks there’s been a lack of tact in the way people communicate that’s probably been triggering, if not downright stressful for your diplomatic nature. Rest assured a degree of courtesy will return to dealings generally, from around May 8 when Mercury moves into Taurus.

The sun will be casting light on how you relate to power dynamics with others which is particularly pertinent for you as you’re typically very engaged with the experience of people around you. The new moon on the 5th is perfect for reflecting on where you might give your power away, and where you look externally for self-worth. We all do this to a degree but this month it's worth paying attention to relationships that leave you feeling powerless and reflecting on how you can be a little more self-sufficient.

These themes around self-worth and where you source your own personal value will be important again with the full moon around the 19th. Full moons are about release so it’s a great time to consciously let go of habits – or even people – that no longer serve you. After a sleepier month, you’ll be happy to find things pick up around the 21st when the sun and Mercury move into Gemini and the focus shifts towards expansion, learning and travel. Pack the lessons you’ve learned earlier in the month with you, and see how your relationships with others, and yourself evolve and strengthen.

+ Scorpio and Scorpio rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I grow my relationship?

This month there’s plenty of action in the realm of your relationships. If you’re in a relationship expect some major epiphanies around how you relate, connect and do life as a couple. With the sun illuminating the realm of relationships, and several planets transiting through, you’ll have the opportunity to reflect on what’s working and what isn’t.

Around the 5th we welcome a new moon which is the ideal time to set intentions around what you want from your relationship. If your partner has been phoning it in, let them know how you’re feeling. If you’ve only just started seeing someone, it’s a good time to have the “where is this going?” conversation. Take time to articulate your needs and let them know how you see the relationship evolving and becoming stronger.

Venus makes a series of aspects the week of the 8th which will likely trigger some unexpected situations that show your relationship from a different perspective. They have the potential to transform it and make it stronger, but they might be a little abrasive at the time. You’ll get the potential for a boost of confidence around the 17th when Mars moves into the realm of higher learning, spirituality and travel. If you’ve been thinking about booking a trip or enrolling in course you might suddenly have the motivation to go ahead and do it.

The full moon on the 19th is a time to reflect on and release old parts of your identity. You live for transformation and shedding skins so this won’t feel nearly as uncomfortable as it might for other signs. Pay particular attention to your identity in the context of your relationship as a wife, a husband, a girlfriend or boyfriend. Are there old ways of being you want to let go? Do you give too much of yourself away? Think about what’s ready to be released and let that shit go, you’re ready for this.

+ Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: What healthier habits am I ready to nurture?

You’re all about fun, expansion and adventure but this month you’ll be brought back down to earth for a bit of grounding. It might sound like your worst nightmare but trust us, even the most intrepid Sagittarians need some earthy sensibility from time to time. Resist the temptation to see it as boring or inhibiting, rather an opportunity to reconnect with nature, slow down and focus on balance.

The realm of your work and health will be the primary area of interest for the first three weeks of May. Now we’re well and truly into Taurus season, its flavour of steadiness, commitment, security and comfort will all come into play. If you haven’t been taking care of yourself, the new moon on 5th is a really good time to turn over a new leaf and recommit to self-care. You get bored easily so don’t set yourself up for failure by setting unrealistically pious goals. Just commit to one thing – maybe it’s getting more organised with meal prep on the weekend so you cut back on Uber Eats. Or maybe it’s committing to getting up and going for a walk at lunch so you don’t stay glued to your desk all day. Drop in and reconnect with your physicality but make it enjoyable. You won’t stick to something that feels like work.

The full moon in Scorpio around the 19th may feel a little bit heady and emotional after the practicality of the prior three weeks. Don’t be surprised if you feel uncharacteristically anti-social that weekend. Rather than force yourself to go out, just embrace the solitude. It’s a really powerful moon for meditation, self-reflection and quiet so just go with it and allow yourself a rare moment of seclusion.

When the sun moves into Gemini on the 21st, things will liven up again with the attention turning to your relationship. After all the self-care you’ve been doing, you should feel energised to reconnect with your partner. If you’re single, it’s a good time to think about what kind of partner you’re being to yourself. Treat yourself with the tenderness and care you would expect from a significant other, you deserve the best.

+ Capricorn and Capricorn rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I grow my creativity?

You’re likely going to experience pretty epic changes in how you identify yourself, your personality and maybe even your physicality this month. It’s all tied up to the intense Saturn/Pluto/south node transits. Pluto and Saturn are currently retrograde, cueing a period of reflection and soul-searching around the foundations and structures in your life you’re ready to recommit to, and which ones you’d like to rebuild. This could feel uncomfortable at the time but whatever comes up that makes you question your security or self-worth especially around the 8th May has the potential for incredible transformation and growth. Be brave, and know that this too will pass, and you’ll come out better for it.

You often get tarred with being super serious and ambitious, but this month you have the opportunity to show your lighter side, with the focus falling squarely on creativity and fun. Yep, the sun, Mercury and Venus all cruise into the realm of good times, creative expression, love and sex for you this month so even if its not your usual MO, take a moment to embrace the sweetness.

You’re never short of ideas, and now is the time to actually make a move on the projects you’ve been dreaming about starting. They don’t have to have an end goal – in fact it’s probably better if they don’t (quelle horreur!), just stop talking about them and get out and do it. Now is the time to get your guitar out of storage, start painting again or revisit your half-finished novel. You’ll feel especially inspired the week of the 16th May when the Sun, Mercury and Venus are all hanging out together giving you an extra burst of creative inspiration.

The full moon in Scorpio on the weekend of 19th could make things a little tense or fractious in group settings. If you’re planning a weekend away with friends around this time tread gently. If you’ve got nothing on, it’s a good weekend to lay low and do some soul searching. Take a kundalini class, go for a bushwalk or book a massage.

On May 21 the sun and Mercury enter Gemini, shifting the focus to your health and work – two areas you’re very comfortable focusing on! If the self-indulgence of the previous three weeks has left you feeling sluggish, now is a great time to get back on track with your work and/or workout routine.

+ Aquarius and Aquarius rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How do I need to be nurtured at home?

You’re probably not the kind of person who gets described as a homebody too often, but you’ll find the energy is focused clearly on your home for the first three weeks of the month. This particular period (aka: Taurus season) is all about the senses, security and comfort. You’ll have a series of planets making aspects to your sun, which mean your natural proclivity for freedom and general desire to be untethered will be jarring a primal urge to feather your nest either literally (in the form of sofa shopping), or figuratively (just wanting to put down roots and stay in) speaking.

It’s will feel confusing maybe even disorienting. You usually love being out and about and would much prefer to socialise than stay at home and rewatch Girls from the beginning, but this month you might feel torn to do both. That’s ok. The key is to slow down and honour what comes up, even if it’s out of character. No one is going to judge you if you go to ground with your slow-cooker for the weekend – besides, no one would believe you if you told them that’s what you were doing anyway!

You’re at the beginning of a seven-year cycle where your home life will get a surge of excitement from transiting Uranus – your ruling planet (the planet of innovation, rebellion and unexpected surprises) shaking up your domestic realm. Things are going to feel unsettled for awhile. Luckily this won’t feel as unpleasant for you as it would for some other signs, so rather than rally against it, just know that’s it there, that it’s happening, and that you’re in for a ride. You can’t stand boredom anyway, so actually it’s a really good thing.

The full moon in Scorpio on the weekend of the 19th will shift the focus to your career. Quite a change in mood, so don’t be surprised if after three weeks of wanting to lay low, you’re suddenly having a crisis over what you’re doing with your professional life. Remember full moons are all about release, so think about what’s working in your job and what isn’t. You may come to realise it’s time to start looking for a new position, or you may have a moment of clarity where you realise just how good you’ve got it. Whatever it is, pay attention to the insights that come up. They’ll be especially potent.

Finally the last week of May, things shift gears as we welcome Gemini season. You’ll notice things really lighten up… A LOT with Mercury moving into Gemini too. The energy will feel more familiar, more in tune with your natural MO. Embrace the fun and lightness and you’ll emerge from your Broad City box set ready to face the world.

+ Pisces and Pisces rising

MONTHLY MEDITATION: How can I nurture my voice?

While the rest of the world is still (even six weeks later) finding its feet after the madness of mercury retrograde, you’re taking it all in your stride. Haziness isn’t a problem for you, in fact it can be the optimum condition to tickle your creative side. And your creative side will continue to be tickled in May as we embrace the earthly delights of Taurus season.

This month the sun and several other planets will be illuminating the way you connect and communicate with other people. As the zodiac’s original empath, you’ll likely enjoy this focus on interpersonal relationships. Your words have power this month, so pay particular attention to the way you speak about yourself. Imagine your words are seeds, what kind of plants would they sprout? The new moon on the 5th is a great time to ponder this question.

One area you often struggle with is boundaries, and this month with the sun, then Mercury (on the 8th) and Venus (on the 16th) all in Taurus, you have the opportunity to think about how you can use your words to improve your boundaries. You are endlessly generous, but you are not a machine. If you don’t speak up and let people know when you’re feeling burnt out or you’ve given too much, they’ll just keep on taking, so practice raising your voice (preferably before you the fuel light comes on in your emotional energy tank). You’ll find a few transits earlier in the month (particularly Venus square Pluto) will force you to stand up for yourself and assert your self-worth. This is an opportunity to practise being more assertive. Don’t back down.

The full moon will have you daydreaming about the big picture, adventures in faraway land and spirituality. Trining your sun, it’s the perfect time to take refuge within yourself. The last week in May will be a marked change of energy as the sun shifts into chatty Gemini, shining the spotlight on your home life. A square between Neptune and Jupiter on the 26 give you an extra hit of creative, big picture inspiration so embrace the vibe and dream big.