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Imagery: The Wayward

Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee + Sarah Tarca // @tarca


After what feels like a decade worth of emails, phone calls and a group chat longer than War and Peace, we are so excited to finally press go!

There were times when it felt like we may never launch. Since deciding to create our own brand earlier this year, we’ve been through some pretty intense changes – both of us have moved house and most momentously, Sarah gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Yuki six weeks ago.


There’s been a lot going on, our launch date kept being pushed further and further out, and then finally this week, we were ready to go, except… Mercury was about to go retrograde Sagittarius (18 November, Australian time).

Mercury retrograde in Sagittarius means that even the most diplomatic among us can suffer from foot-in-mouth disease. All that classic Mercury retrograde energy that makes us prone to miscommunications and misunderstandings is flavoured with Sagittarius fire – at its best, bold and courageous, at its worst, blunt, tactless and opinionated.


It’s enough to make even the most harmonious of relationships get a little tense, which is exactly what happened. But after much discussion we thought about why we’re doing this. At its heart The Wayward, is about being brave, taking risks and not being swayed by what we should do. So… we thought, “Fuck it! Let’s do it!”


Our aim is to inspire and empower you with tools and tales that help make your day to day life more fulfilling. You can read more about what led us to create The Wayward here.

You’ll find stories about all the things closest to our heart – from astrology and meditation to travel, health and beauty. We don’t compartmentalise these things in our own life so why do would we compartmentalise them here?


Special thanks to all the creative powerhouses who have made The Wayward possible, especially our partners Mathew Coyte and Phillip Pedrola and our brilliant designer Simon Houghton.

We would love to hear what you think, so please let us know what you’d like to see covered.



Emma + Sarah

Emma Vidgen