The unexpected emotion that tempted me to shop


Words Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee


When do you feel most tempted to go shopping? When you’re angry? When you’re sad? When you’ve had a bad day? I’ve definitely been known to make a bee-line to Zara on my lunch break when I’m having a shit day at work, but interestingly it was boredom, not irritation that triggered my urge to buy.


The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. How many times have you been stranded in airport, killing time by looking in stores you’d never usually set foot inside (seriously does Victoria’s Secret even exist outside airports?) One minute you’re paying $6.50 for a terrible coffee, the next you’re considering a pair of orange stretch lace knickers with “naughty but nice” emblazoned across the butt. OK maybe not, but take a moment to consider duty free. Is there anything there you’d think about buying in everyday life? I mean, how big does a Toblerone really need to be?


Anyway, boredom-induced retail urges aside, I thought that given I’m eight weeks into the experiment, it was well and truly time to check in with how I’m coping. Having transitioned from freelancing in an office a few days a week to working from home full-time, I must confess the sartorial pressure has been off to a certain extent.


Intriguingly my new work set-up has illuminated the areas of my wardrobe that are distinctly lacking. Turns out I have a lot of office clothes, a lot of gym gear and not a lot of anything in between. But despite my shortage of gig-economy-chic clothes, I’m staying strong and living to face another day without that retail high. Check out my latest vlog for an update on how it’s all panning out, and a little FAQ section where I answer questions about the “rules” of the experiment.


Emma Vidgen