How I survived my whole pregnancy without shopping


Words Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee


It’s been awhile between vlogs but with less than a week to go until I’m due to give birth, I thought it was high time I check in and update how I’m tracking with the Mindful Fashion Experiment. The delay between updates may have given the impression my pledge to give up shopping for 12 months had gone awry, but I’m proud to report the experiment is still very much in force!

The pregnancy itself hasn’t been easy (hence the radio silence on the vlog front), but the silver lining to being really poorly is that shopping has been the farthest thing from my mind. It sounds cheesy but health problems really do put things in perspective.

In the latest episode, you’ll discover how I managed to bumble through the entire nine months without a single purchase. Spoiler alert: I’m not sure I could have pulled it off without a little (ok, a lot of) help from my friends. I have lived in borrowed maternity jeans from about week 20 and this last month, there’s only a few pieces of my old wardrobe I can squeeze into. Oh if you’re confused by the size of my bump in the montage, it’s because I shot it a couple of months ago when my first shipment of hand-me-downs arrived, right before I got sick.

Now I’m planning to welcome a new little person in a matter of days the pull to shop is stronger than its been in months. Suddenly I’m being inundated with ads on instagram for maternity bras and support pants and really comfy knickers. I’m not quite sure how much of this stuff is essential and how much of it is just shrewd marketing, but whatever happens I promise to report back (don’t worry, I’ll spare you a montage of me trying on support pants). If anyone has any ideas on how to get around not buying that stuff, I’m all ears! Until then, I’ll see you on the other side!

– Emma xx


Emma Vidgen