The DIY bath soak that’s about to make your weekend


Images: Copyright © Julianna Blizzard // @juliannablizzard

Words: Jana Blankenship// @captainblankenship

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Baths are one of our all-time favourite self-care rituals. We’re the kinds of people who ask (ok, beg) for them in every hotel we stay at… and have also been known to book getaways solely for their gloriosu tubs. We even wrote about the most epic bathtubs in there world here. Second only to our love of baths is what you put in them… the delicious, soul-soothing, muscle relaxing concotions that make it all so magic. Which is precisely why we were so excited to get our hands on this detoxifying DIY bath soak but clean beauty queen, and founder of Captain Blankenship, Jana Blankenship – because it means we’ll never run out. She says “This dreamy green DIY bath soak will envelop your senses and balance your body. Nourishing sea kelp stimulates blood flow and draws impurities out of skin. Antioxidant-rich spirulina fights free radicals, retains moisture, and creates a beautiful jade-green hue over the bath. Epsom salt relieves tired muscles and eliminates toxins, while mineral-rich sea salt balances skin moisture and improves circulation.” Here’s how to make it yourself.


MAKES: 16 Ounces (approximately 454g)



1 cup sea salt

1 cup Epsom salt

2 tablespoons green clay or bentonite clay

1⁄4 cup kelp powder

1⁄4 cup spirulina powder

20 drops eucalyptus or lemongrass essential oil



16-ounce jar with lid


Mix all ingredients together in bowl and stir well. Spoon into jar and close with lid.


Use ¼ to ½ cup per bath or as desired. Will keep fresh for up to a year.




For more natural, DIY beauty products, check out Jana’s book, Wild Beauty

Reprinted with permission from Wild Beauty, by Jana Blankenship, copyright © 2019. Published by Ten Speed Press, a division of Penguin Random House, LLC