Meet the environmental scientist who wants to heal the earth…with Reiki


Imagery: Courtesy of Dr Mahdi Mason // @dr_mahdimason

Words: Sarah Tarca // @tarca

Environmental scientist and earth healer, Dr. Madhi Mason

Environmental scientist and earth healer, Dr. Madhi Mason


When it comes to life views, you’re generally either camp science or spiritualism, with one more or less ruling your belief system. Those in the science corner may try to rationalise the metaphysical or laugh it off as a bunch of BS. Whereas those in camp woo-woo may just roll their eyes and write ‘the others’ off as being not being very woke. And though there are more and more people who fall somewhere on the spectrum, it’s rare to find someone who meets precisely in the middle. So, what then, do you get when you cross a scientist with a trained Q’ero shaman? You get Dr. Mahdi Mason, the award-winning author, earth healer and environmental scientist.

Here, she talks to The Wayward about what earth healing is, how she does it, and the juggle between science and spiritualism.


First things first: what exactly is an earth healer?

I define an earth healer as anyone who gives energy back to the earth. This energy can be in the physical form such as giving the earth nutrients, planting trees or creating a backyard with lots of different habitats for wildlife to live in. Metaphysically, we can give back to the earth by doing things like energetic healings, using fire to transmute non-beneficial energy and creating a loving environment.


 Why do you think this kind of healing is so important?

As humans, we are very good at taking from the earth. Just think of all the materials we have taken to build our houses, make our cars, eat as food and create medicine. Where we fall down is closing the energetic loop and giving energy back to the earth. This is necessary to keep the natural systems and cycles of the earth flowing (i.e. ecosystems, the carbon cycle, the water cycle etc.). Our indigenous ancestors knew all of this, but modern society has forgotten it.

Land healing, which is a metaphysical form of earth healing, is what I offer my clients. I raise the vibration of their properties by removing dark and dense energy, both in the land and their houses/offices, and replacing it with very high frequency energy. Land healing removes the root cause of many problems on a property - from poor health to constant bad luck.


 What ‘tools’ do you use to heal your spaces?

My main tool is my energetic body, which I use to channel energy through and into the property. However, I am also a trained Q’ero shaman and always have my mesa with medicine stones in it on hand to help where needed. Spirit takes part in every one of my sessions too. They support me by showing me what healing needs to take place and stepping in to do some healing themselves when asked.


How does it work exactly?

I do all of my work remotely (rather than on the ground at each property), but I always ask my clients to do some work themselves at the location following each session. Often, there are physical items that need to be placed on the property itself such as crystals or colours in specific locations to complete the healing. I feel it’s important for people to take part in the healing process themselves as the more people who put effort into the process, the more energy there is behind it, and the more powerful it is.


“Land healing removes the root cause of many problems on a property – from poor health to constant bad luck. ”


How did you jump from science into this alternative, metaphysical space?

Oh, I still love the science stuff too! In fact, I still spend some of my days consulting on environmental management projects, being very straight-laced. I guess both things fulfill me in different ways. Plus, I think science and metaphysics are one and the same. It’s just that science is yet to catch up with metaphysics. My passion is helping the earth, in whichever way I can.


 What came first – the love of science or spirituality?

The interest in spirituality and healing stemmed from my childhood when I experienced a lot of ‘strange’ occurrences. Things like electronic appliances turning on around me when there was no one else there, phones ringing and then no real people on the other end, spirit visitors in the night, prophetic dreams –  just hundreds of different whispers happening at once. A lot of it really scared out of me!

 I grew up in a family where no one believed in that stuff so I was never able to ask questions or express what was happening. It wasn’t until I went to Uni that I felt free enough (and less scared) to explore that side of me. I studied numerous energetic healing techniques, yoga, metaphysical books and travelled the world to spend time with indigenous populations and learn about their perspectives on life.

I wanted to do something that combined all my interests – so, without knowing what it was, I started calling myself an earth healer. A year later, I met the perfect mentor – Maggie Landman – who took me under her wing and taught me how to do healings on the land. It combined everything I knew, loved and wanted.


How was your alternative path received amongst your scientist colleagues?

Those close to me were always aware of my interest in spirituality, so it was no surprise to them. Everybody else probably thought I was loony. But, thinking differently has often been the key to my success,  as I’m able to think of solutions to complex problems outside of the box.

I think more and more people are becoming open to alternative concepts and modalities, so being an energetic healer is not as taboo as it once was. I now actually have a lot of people who have always been very closed off to any form of spirituality come and ask me for advice. They are just starting on their own spiritual journey, as are many people in the general population I think.


How do you manage to blend science with alternative healing practices?

Well, I work with energy to do my healings, and energy is the foundation of science. So, I see them as one and the same. Everything in the universe is matter and energy – just of differing densities and vibrations. Some are visible and some is not. d

 My experience in environmental management helps me to read the land and understand what is happening in regards to ecosystem, vegetation, soil and water health etc. These are always indicative of what’s happening on an energetic level, so it’s good to be able to identify problems in that way.


 Why would someone need your services?

People tend to call me for a wide variety of problems with their properties, from not being able to sell a place, to not being able to attract a tenant, things constantly breaking, contracts falling over, projects being delayed, bad neighbours, bad tenants, paranormal activity… or just a general sense that something isn’t right there. All of these are a sign that the property needs  healing.


 What are some of the results you’ve been able achieve?

Numerous properties I have worked on had not been able to attract any tenants for over six months and then within a day of me doing the healing, had up to fifteen applications. Many of these then turned into long-term tenants.

One client was having a really hard time with his neighbours where they were quite abusive and yelling day and night. They packed up and sold the property within three months of a healing. Another client was desperate to sell a house quickly and before it even went on the market, the real estate agent decided they wanted to buy it so it was sold within a week.

Generally, people will notice a lighter feel to the property once I have done a session. Sometimes though, there is no change in whatever is happening on a property. Some things are meant to be the way they are due to the universal plan. I don’t have the power to interfere with divine plans. I simply do my healings and know that the work has been done. Whatever happens after that is between the universe and the clients. 



To learn more about Dr Mahdi Mason or to book an earth or energy healing session, head to her website. Or, check our her book Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to Heal Ourselves.