A beginner’s guide to the Akashic records (and how to read them for yourself)


Imagery: Ashley Wood // @_ashleywood
Words: Emma Vidgen // @emma_vee


We’d heard of the Akashic records but we didn’t get really curious about them until we discovered the work of Akashic records reader Ashley Wood. Ashley is an intuitive, speaker and host of podcast Manifest This. She channels messages and wisdom for private clients and the collective on her podcast, events and workshops.

What makes Ashley different is her approach. She’s on a mission to make the Akashic records more accessible – she’s even launched an online course teaching how to read the records for yourself. “I'm very passionate about demystifying the records, because they sound like this mystical location that is so difficult to reach, when really we're tapped into it at all times,” Ashley says. “The energies I connect within the Akashic records is our soul speaking to us, it’s our inner knowing. The more we tap into ourselves, our own frequency and our inner guidance, the more we are in alignment with our soul's purpose and our soul awareness.”

Who better then, to give us a crash course on exactly what they are, how they work and how we can learn to read them for ourselves than Ashley herself.


ok let’s start from the top, what are the akashic records?

The Akashic records are a non-physical, vibrational record of everything that has ever happened to every soul that has ever existed. From the moment that soul was created to the present and future possibilities as well. You can imagine it as like a Google search for your soul. Anytime that you have an experience or you have an emotion, even the slightest most subtle emotion, everything is recorded or imprinted into this nonphysical, vibrational space that I access through a meditation and then the pathway prayer.


What energies do you connect with when you go into the akashic records?

The energies that I communicate with have been asked to be called the Pinnacle. Not everyone calls them that, but those are the ones that come to me and have asked me to be called the Pinnacle. They are made up of a series of angels, of teachers, of deceased loved ones, of masters. Like highly ascended masters that have never been human or just light beings, of stars sometimes, like star beings. All kinds of different energies come together and call themselves the Pinnacle, and work with me when I either read with clients or read for myself. We go through the client's record or my own record and part of me searches for answers.


what’s the connection between the akashic records and our intuition?

When I work with clients they ask me a question about whatever is going on that they want to know about. The Pinnacle channels the answer through to me. What I have learned about the records is that we are all tapped into them at all times. They are our soul’s record, and we all have a soul. It's in our body at all times, that's our energy.

I would say in 99 per cent of my client readings, everything I channel through them they say they know already. It's just something they're not paying attention to or they're not giving space for or whatever. Maybe they're laughing it off thinking, "Well I knew I was supposed to be doing that, but I just thought I don't have the ability to do that." Everything I channel through with the exception of things like past lives, they know already. Even some past life stuff they say they had a dream about it…


“You can imagine the
Akashic records are
like a Google search
for your soul.”


what does it feel like when you go into the records?

Nothing really. It's like a stream of consciousness. It's like I'm sleep talking, I don't think at all. My brain is completely shut off and it's just coming straight through me. It doesn't have a feeling other than I just open my mouth and I speak and it just comes through. It's just the practice of turning my own ego off and trusting that whatever is coming through is exactly what needs to come through.


is there any preparation you should do before you have a reading with a professional akashic records reader?

There's really no preparation to do and I encourage people to not over plan. When you come into the records, and you come into an appointment or a session with me, I'm going into your soul. Over planning is missing the point entirely. I always tell people to intuitively flow through appointments, like, "What is intuitively coming to you, because you're tapping into your soul? What are you feeling you need to know?" Sometimes people come in with questions and then as soon as the appointment starts are like, "I don't want to ask any of this. I want to ask something else that's just randomly coming to me." I'm like, "Yes, that's what we're needing to talk about."



The more I do this work the more I realise how many more people are tapping in now and waking up and experiencing reconnection to their energetic self, to the nonphysical. I believe it's a shift that's happening on our planet.

I get a lot of messages, especially when I released the Return To Yourself program. People saw it and asked me, "How are you going to teach me to read the records?" How I explain it is, we all have the ability to tap into the records. Personally, I read a book called How To Read The Akashic Records by Dr. Linda Howe, and taught myself. It's out there. You can buy it, you can read it, you can look through it. If it is inspiring to you, all the information is there. That's how I learned. There's no trick or secret or anything to how I learned that I need to now put out for others.


is it as simple as reading the book, or is there more prep you need before you can read the records for yourself?

The work that I did to get to the point where I could read the Akashic records was peeling back the layers of myself and getting to know myself again. After having a baby I had to start at the bottom again and figure out who the heck I was, and that was the work that I did to get myself to the point of reading the records.

The programs I’ve developed allow people to do that work, so that if they want to then read the records, it's there for them. My intention is that you're so in alignment with yourself and trusting what's coming through you don't need to go into the records, or you don't need someone to tell you what to do. These courses empower you to take your power back. Of course, this is a never ending journey, this work is always there.


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