Can you be healed via Skype?


Imagery: Charles Deluvio // Unsplash

Words: Sarah Tarca // @tarca

Image:  Charles Deluvio  // Unsplash

Image: Charles Deluvio // Unsplash

You’ve probably heard of energy healing before, whether it’s reiki, kinesiology, crystal healing, or even acupuncture. And, with any exchange of energy, you’d probably (rightfully) assume that it would involve two people in the same room. So how then does it work over Skype, when you’re not only not in the same room, but often not even in the same country? We spoke to energy healer and reiki practitioner, Trudie McConnochie from One Grounded Angel to find out how it all works.


Tell us about your form of energy healing?

I practice a modality called serenity vibration healing, which isn’t widely known, but tackles limiting beliefs, emotional trauma and fear blocks on a very deep and unconscious level – so it’s very much for people who are stuck in some area of their lives.

The best way of explaining what I provide is that it helps your energy understand what you already know intellectually but might still afraid or unwilling to fully embrace. For example, you might know logically that not all men are cheaters, but on a deep or unconscious level you might still believe that you’re likely to get cheated on, so you keep partners at bay or sabotage relationships out of suspicion. Energy healing sort of rewires you on a deep level.


And now, the big question: How can you heal through the computer?

The really cool thing about the energy field, often called an aura, is that it isn’t bound by geography, and it’s not attached to your physical presence – it’s not a physical entity like your leg or your nose. I can tap into anyone’s energy anytime, anywhere around the world (with their permission, of course), to clear energies and bring through healing energies. Basically I can access an energy field/aura on the spiritual plane, using my intuition and with the support of the person’s guardian angels, spirit guides and higher self.


What are the benefits of doing it this way?

The main benefit is that I’m not limited to working with people who live in my area – location and mobility issues are no obstacle. Plus, some people feel more comfortable in their own home and less inhibited when it comes to opening up and sharing any personal issues.


As a client, what’s the best way to prepare for a remote reading?

Be clear on the issue you want to focus on. There’s not time in one session to deal with every single issue – so I recommend taking time first to zero in on your biggest priority. It helps to be sitting in a comfortable, quiet place – make sure phones and kids can’t distract you. I always start the session with a short meditation to help people relax and feel supported by the Universe, so you don’t need to worry about getting into the right headspace beforehand.


What sort of issues do people generally come to you for?

The most common types of scenarios I get are people who struggle with blocks in their love life – which isn’t a great surprise, since we tend to attract the people who mirror our own issues. Typically, I get clients who aren’t attracting any potential partners or who keep attracting the wrong type of partner – say, people who don’t treat them right, who are unavailable (ie they’re already in relationships or still in love with an ex) or just not emotionally ready for a healthy, long-term relationship.

In the first session, I’ll talk about their history to find out where the patterns are, what their beliefs about relationships are, whether they have a healthy relationship with themselves and what their expectations are. By helping clients see where they’re stuck, they’re better able to learn the lesson the Universe is trying to teach them, freeing them to move on. I don’t tell people what to do or how to solve their problems, I just provide clarity on the obstacles that are getting in their way, and why. I believe that nothing goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.

During a meditation at the end of the session, I tap into the client’s energy field and clear the energy around those beliefs and fear blocks, including erasing any energy from the past that has contributed to the issue or situation, and bring in some healing energy to support new, healthy beliefs. People tell me they feel lighter afterwards, more supported and empowered, and have more clarity about the way forward.


What’s your best advice for finding a reputable healer?

Firstly, you need to figure out what type of energy healing is right for you, making sure it aligns with your needs. Once you’ve found that, look for a healer that resonates with you – trust your intuition on this. I recommend going for a healer who explains the process in clear, down-to-earth language rather than confounding you with spiritual jingo. A reputable healer will have testimonials and use a credible payment system (such as Stripe or PayPal). Finally, I recommend asking the healer what work they’re doing on themselves – they should be doing ongoing training and spiritual coaching of their own. If a healer is not committed to their own growth, they won’t be in a position to guide you with yours.


What do you think the future of healing looks like?

Spiritual healing is becoming more accepted by the mainstream and starting to shake off its hippie image. I imagine that in the future, seeing an energy healer along with a coach, psychologist or counsellor will be seen as a totally valid approach to personal growth.


For more information on energy healing, or to book a consult with Trudie, visit her website, One Grounded Angel.  

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