What is crystal activated water…and should you try it?


Imagery: Shemana // @shemana_elixirs

Madelene McGuinness // @maddvv

Words: Sarah Tarca // @tarca

Image: Madelene McGuinness

Image: Madelene McGuinness


At The Wayward, we’re not shy of some crystal action in our lives. We carry them in our bags, have them on our bedside, and unashamedly carry them in our bras. So when we found out there was a way you could (sort of) drink them, we were all over it. You may have seen the beautiful glass bottles (complete with crystal points affixed to the bottom) pop up all over your feed lately, but actually drinking crystal activated water is a practice that dates back thousands of years. “We can look back as far as ancient Egyptians blessing their royal’s drinking water and accounts of the well-known nun, Hildegard Von Bingan, who would heal people through sound, flowers and crystals in water back in the in the 11th century,” says Jaymie Medlyn and Anna Whiting, creators of Shemana Crystalline Elixirs. Here they share what you need to know to get started.


how do crystal water bottles work?

Crystal activated water can reap benefits beyond aesthetically-pleasing hydration. Jaymie and Anna explain: “There are high and low energetic frequencies in everything. Science talks about this at the sub-atomic level but to us everyday humans, we understand it as the ‘vibe’. Good and bad vibrations (vibes) interact with our energy (auric) field and can have an effect on how that makes us feel.” Nature has a high vibe, which is why it feels so soul-cleansing to swim in the ocean whereas toxins or artificial light carry low vibes - which is why getting natural sunlight is so important. And of course crystals, being a part of nature, naturally carry high vibes… and that’s even before you charge them!

But wait! There’s more! “Water can hold the energetic blueprint of the crystals, so you can now drink its delicious good vibes!” says Anna and Jaymie. So, how does it work? The crystal obelisk pillar in the bottle energetically charges your water, transforming it into what Jaymie and Anna call a “high-vibrational energy elixir”. “Crystals have the ability to send, receive and store energy,” says Anna and Jaymie, and they’ve been used even in modern technology like clocks and computers to do just that (remember quartz crystal watches?)

But, it’s not as simple as dumping your favourite rocks in a glass bottle. Some contain toxic minerals so you’ll want to do your research.


“Water can hold the energetic blueprint of the crystals, so you can now drink its delicious good vibes!”


Do “normal” crystal rules apply here?  

You might be familiar with how to use regular crystals - the cleansing, intention setting and placement of them - but does the same apply here? Anna and Jaymie say, absolutely! “You definitely can set specific intentions with your crystals, and supercharge the experience, like a mantra: your thoughts and words create your perspective of your reality. Then, with every sip of water, you are creating that imprint and reminding yourself of your goals.” As far as cleansing and activation goes there are many ways to charge your crystal, but one of the most common is by moonlight - allowing the moon’s energy to clear and recharge it. There are many phases of the moon’s cycle, so choose a day that best resonates with you and your intention - it absolutely doesn’t need to be on the full moon, however this is a particularly powerful time for cleansing. The new moon on the other hand is great if your intention is transformation or manifestation. Whatever phase you decide to charge under Jaymie and Anna suggest placing the crystal in a special place where it can bathe in the moonlight. Also, “Crystals love water! They work well with this element because it helps to amplify our emotions. So, having the crystal in or near water will amplify the energy,” they say. Or better yet, just have them IN your water. “We’re all about transforming our everyday routines into sacred rituals. We love the ease of creating that intention with every sip of water we take throughout the day,” says Jaymie and Anna.


How to choose the right crystal

Jaymie and Anna explain how to choose the right stone for your water bottle…


CLEAR QUARTZ: Best for enhancement

“Know as the master healer, Clear Quartz is a mighty amplification crystal that lifts the energy of all that it encounters and performs potent purification on all levels of the self. It offers alignment at the mental and emotional level, resulting in profound clarity and self-acceptance, which leads to personal growth, action and healing.”


AMETHYST: Best for transformation

“Amethyst facilitates transmutation of lower energies into higher frequencies. This clears the unnecessary stress and worries from one's life so a pathway of creation can open to the highest potential.”


ROSE QUARTZ: Best for forgiveness

“Forgiveness is the embodiment of truth, grace and a higher peace within ourselves. A journey that cannot be completely understood without self-love and truthful expression. This is where rose quartz unites the heart and voice as one, allowing you to act from the infinite space of unconditional love. We can be challenged with fear, guilt, anger or jealousy but these emotions cannot penetrate the field of infinite love unless we allow them to enter.”


BLACK OBSIDIAN: Best for self-reflection

“Awakens a vision of the true self by opening the pathway for much needed positive change. Honesty with self leads to true self-love and satisfaction without ego. It allows you to nurture the self, dispelling negativity.”

Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz water bottles from Shemana

Black Obsidian, Amethyst, Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz water bottles from Shemana



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