How to clear your home of negative energy


Styling: Jacqueline Kaytar // @jacquelinekaytar

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Words: Sarah Tarca // @tarca


Ever walked into a space and just gotten the creeps? Or maybe there’s a corner of your house that no matter what you put there, things just break/die/fall from the walls. You’re not imagining the bad vibes – they’re what Dr. Mahdi Mason, earth healer, energy healer and environmental scientist refers to as a “dense energy patch”. She explains: “a dense energy patch is a mass of energy which disrupts the natural energy flows around it and draws down the vibration of a space. It can be a physical dense energy patch, such as a pool of hazardous chemical, or metaphysical dense patch, such as some psychic energy left behind by someone when they were in a low state of mind.”

People come to Dr. Madhi with all sorts of issues from not being able to sell a home to constant delays in renovation projects… or just the sense that a place just isn’t right. She uses energy healing (similar to Reiki) to help clear the space, and get the positive vibes flowing through again (you can read about her practice, and how she combines it with her background in Environmental Science in our profile on Dr. Mahdi here).

But before you call in the big guns, there are some things you can DIY to clear up those bad feels. So, if you feel like your space is low-vibe or stagnant, try these energy-clearing tips from Dr. Mahdi:

1.   Declutter:  “Energy gets trapped in small spaces like in-between belongings, under furniture, in cupboards etc,” says Dr. Mahdi. And, when the energy is trapped it gets stagnant, do by opening up a space and getting rid of unnecessary items, the energy can flow better.

2.   Open your windows: Simple, but oh-so-effective, opening doors and windows lets fresh new energy in. “It cleanses the property on two levels – by allowing light in which physically sterilises and brightens the space, and by flushing out old energy with the physical movement of air through the space,” Dr. Madhi says.

3.   Blast your jam: Playing your favourite music doesn’t just lift your spirit – it helps the space too. “The vibration it sends out flushes energy on the sound metaphysical level. And moreso, your love for the song will raise the vibration even more because you are adding your high vibes to the clearing process,” says Dr. Mahdi.  

4.   Cleanse your space: And finally, there’s the tried and tested energy clearers – diffusing essential oils, smudging with white sage or palo santo, placing crystals around the place, these all help to infuse a space with love too.


To learn more about Dr Mahdi Mason or to book an earth or energy healing session, head to her website. Or, check our her book Earth Healing: Healing the Earth to Heal Ourselves.